Nov 28

RPM2 Partner Dotsie Bausch | TEDx Talk: Olympic Level Compassion

dotsie bausch

Dotsie Bausch, Silver Medalist 2012 Olympics

RPM²’s partnership with Olympian Dotsie Bausch has been one of our most rewarding so far. Dotsie Bausch is an ardent supporter of our mission and our devices’ revolutionary technology. Our team is grateful for her support. In addition to her illustrious rise in the cycling community, Dotsie is nothing short of an inspirational person. She is a staunch advocate for a number of causes including raising awareness for eating disorders by serving as a NEDA Ambassador and animal welfare. What you might not know about her, however, is a story best told by Dotsie herself. Below is “Olympic Level Compassion”, a TEDx Talk from September, 2015.

Olympic Level Compassion

As a survivor of an eating disorder, a mental illness that unfortunately claims thousands of lives each year, Dotsie speaks with passion about her recovery and subsequent entry into the world of cycling. What is more interesting, however, is the dietary lifestyle she adopted while performing at such an elite level. A dietary lifestyle rooted in her strong ethics concerning the food industry and animal welfare. Inspired and shocked by a documentary that exposed the cruel practices of meat and dairy producers, she coined the term “Olympic Level Compassion”. Drawing on the same passion she had for recovering from anorexia and the same fire for elite-level competition, Dotsie took an innovative approach to how she fueled her body with a plant-based diet. She earned a Silver Medal in the 2012 Olympics without eating animal-based proteins of any kind.

To learn more about the issues Dotsie Bausch advocates, visit her official website by clicking here.

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Nov 21

Update: Alison Tetrick RPM2 Product Testing

As we have covered in numerous posts, Cylance Pro Cycling team member, Alison Tetrick has been testing RPM² footbeds to monitor and improve her bilateral symmetry and power output for the past seven weeks. Her testing protocol involves using RPM² pre-set exercises on a regular basis to monitor changes in her power output from both legs. She has found the data collected by the RPM² system useful in determining how alterations in her training have helped overcome some bilateral deficiencies caused by an old hip injury.

As she transitions from a rigorous and challenging racing season to off-season, Alison plans to continue her product testing, which she intends to still share on social media as she has done in the past. Below you can view a screenshot of her data history with the pre-set knee extension exercises.


Regarding her transition to off-season, Alison states:

“Coming home after a full year of racing, the first thing you do is get to all the doctors and medical appointments you need.  I can fit my RPM2 routine into now my normal protocol of checking on the injuries and also getting prescribed treatments to help balance my body out.  The RPM2 exercises will help initiate new strength and balance without as much intensity and hours on the bike.  I will also be going to physical therapy for my shoulder as well as getting some of the connective tissues worked on from the broken ribs.  This year was painful, but also so beautiful.  I can still feel all those races in my body so I am excited to watch the healing and recovering begin.”


RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. We wish Alison Tetrick and all the other fantastic athletes a wonderful off-season. The women’s team is full of seasoned and tough competitors who performed beyond expectations this past racing season. To stay up-to-date with Cylance Pro Cycling, click here to follow their official blog.

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Nov 14

RPM2 Sponsored Team, Cylance Pro Cycling Updates


2016 Cylance Pro Cycling team having fun.

Although the 2016 racing season has come to a close, the Cylance Pro Cycling team has been busy preparing for 2017 by adding new members to its already stellar team of formidable and experienced athletes. Following are just few newsworthy happenings concerning RPM² sponsored team, Cylance Pro Cycling.

New Team Members

MALGORZATA JASIŃSKA – A veteran of the recent Rio Olympics, Jasińska is a Polish cyclist known for her aggressive yet consistent racing style. She has won multiple National Championships in road race and time trial.

WILLEKE KNOL – Hailing from the Netherlands, Knol boasts six years of professional riding experience. She is known for her ability to impart positivity on her teammates and perform with determination. Knol has experience competing in a multitude of tough world races.

KIRSTEN WILD – Another seasoned cyclist from the Netherlands, Wild is known as the best sprinter in the world. She represented the Netherlands twice in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics. She has earned titles in World and European events as well as an array of podium finishes.

DANI KING – Medaling Gold in the 2012 Olympics, British Champion Dani King is a welcome addition to the Cylance Pro Cycling Team. While she is just 25-years-old, she has won three World Championships and set a worldwide record at the Olympics with Great Britain’s team pursuit squad.

JOËLLE NUMAINVILLE – A native of Canada, Numainville is a veteran of the 2012 Olympics. She is a Canadian National Road Race Champion, Time Trial Champion, and Pan American Champion. Numainville has experience in some of the world’s toughest races and is known for her all-around skills.

New Team Manager

Giana Roberge has joined the Cylance Pro Cycling team as the 2017 manager for the men’s and women’s teams. Before becoming an experienced team manager, she amassed a decade of immeasurable cycling experience as a member of the United States National Team. She previously managed the Saturn Cycling Team, which was one of the most notable and impressive cycling teams worldwide. RPM² and the Cylance Pro Cycling team are thrilled to have Giana Roberge on board for what will be an exciting 2017 season.

To read more about Cylance Pro Cycling news in-depth, we encourage you to visit their official blog by clicking here. RPM² would like to wish the entire team an incredible 2017 racing season.

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Nov 05

RPM2 Offers Incomparable Value and Quality

Since launching our revolutionary wearable technology system just a few short years ago, RPM² has made quite an impact among the rpm2-running-power-meterendurance sports community. Not only does RPM² gather and evaluate performance data such as cadence, step time, and weight distribution, which can be used to measure bilateral symmetry and analyze gait, the system features the world’s first built-in, portable power meter. The power meter feature is incredibly valuable because it measures horizontal and vertical power output, data that can help athletes of all levels and backgrounds. Beyond RPM²’s innovative and convenient technology, is a very affordable approach to gathering and measuring accurate data. Consider the following when breaking down the value of our product.

The RPM² Power Meter

The RPM² system features the only footbed-based power meter in the world that is both customizable to the individual and portable. Unlike other performance monitoring equipment, RPM² is designed for the individual athlete. It is worn frequently and its data is transmitted via an app to a mobile device for routine monitoring. The individualized nature of this power meter means that athletes from around the world can measure their performance easily and regularly. Moreover, the portability of RPM² is advantageous because the insoles can be swapped out of different running shoes and used on different bikes.

Affordable and Convenient Gait Analysis

Before we developed RPM², an athlete wanting gait analysis would have to visit a facility for third-party data collection and analysis. The machinery and calculations used to analyze gait on a one-time basis drove costs quite high with many sessions exceeding hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, with RPM² footbeds, an athlete can perform gait analysis with his or her own wearable technology as many times as he or she wishes for a fraction of the cost.

When compared to existing technology, RPM² has real value and convenience. Helpful to athletes of all sports—especially the endurance community—RPM² is effective and affordable. Visit our secure webstore to browse our products. Feel free to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, too.

Oct 22

RPM2 Footbeds: Frequently Asked Questions

RPM² boasts innovative and proprietary technology that helps athlete and coaches around the world monitor performance and measure powerrpm2 footbed app dash output. Since our products have revolutionized wearable technology in sports, many people have questions about how our products work along with queries regarding their usage. Following are a few of the most commonly asked questions about RPM² footbeds.

Caring For and Using RPM²

How long does it take to charge my footbeds?

When a customer orders RPM², the system comes with a charging mat that plugs into a wall socket. Each insole takes about 60 minutes to become fully charged.

How do I clean my footbeds?

RPM² footbeds are not waterproof so they should never be submerged in water. To clean your footbeds, we recommend using a slightly damp, clean cloth with alcohol or a mild soap with a disinfectant. Allow your footbeds to air-dry after cleanings.

How long will the charge on footbeds last?

Fully charged footbeds can last up to six hours at high energy outputs such as when a person is cycling or running. When in idle mode, the charged footbeds can last about 30 hours.

Apps, Technology, and RPM²

Can I use the data with Training Peaks?

Yes. You can have your RPM² data loaded into Training Peaks by using the drop down window on the official RPM² apps for iOS and Android.

Is RPM² compatible with ANT+?

RPM² is compatible with ANT+. For more information on how to use ANT+ with your data, we recommend looking at our helpful guides, which can be downloaded free for Android users and iOS users.

What happens when RPM² requires updating?

Like other app-based technology, updates are important for keeping our customers engaged with the latest developments and features of our remote performance monitoring systems. All software updates are free to download on your device’s app store. Updates that affect firmware are sent to our customers wirelessly, free of charge.

For more information, browse our official website or use the search bar function on our blog. You can also ask questions and interact with our team on social media.

Oct 14

RPM2 Testing Updates with Alison Tetrick

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Cylance Pro Cycling’s team member Alison Tetrick has been performing tests with RPM² footbeds. Like the rest of the women’s team, Alison Tetrick has been using RPM² throughout her racing season to monitor power output and bilateral symmetry. When a discrepancy in her symmetry was noticed, she began a testing protocol with RPM² footbeds and range of motion exercises. She has previously made videos and shared her data with knee extension and hip flexion exercises. Recently, Alison took a closer look at standing force and how injuries affect bilateral symmetry.

Standing Force and the Impact of Injuries on Symmetry

Alison Tetrick is an accomplished and renowned athlete. In 2010, she endured and recovered from a cycling injury. Even though the injury has not affected her record-breaking performance in competitions, its lingering effects have shown up in data collected by RPM² footbed technology.

After taking a short break from her testing protocol, Alison remarked, “It was beneficial to get into a routine to complete the exercises, and after a few weeks of not doing the [range of motion] exercises, I have felt some detraining in the flexibility and strength.  I think it has been useful to remind by body to engage some muscles and balance that it hasn’t for several years.”

When discussing the results of standing force, she stated, “It is interesting to see my injured leg catching up with the strength and flexibility of my dominant leg…My dominant side became much more dominant as I healed.  Through continuing the exercises, I was able to recover and re-engage my injured side to return to pre-crash force and start making improvements again.”

Below is a graph of her standing force results as of now. She will continue to monitor her progress in the coming weeks.


Stay up to date with the latest developments on Alison’s journey by visiting the official Cylance Pro Cycling blog and by following us on social media.

Sep 18

Update: Alison Tetrick’s Testing Protocol with RPM2

Last month, we discussed Alison Tetrick’s, of Cylance Pro Cycling, experience using RPM² throughout her cycling season. Even though Alison Tetrick performs wonderfully as a world-class athlete, discrepancies in her power output were detected during product testing. In 2010, Alison suffered a traumatic injury that resulted in a broken pelvis. While she has continued to compete and perform well, data collected by the RPM² revealed what Alison already knew: she favors one leg over the other.

Tetrick to Begin Range of Motion Tests with RPM2

Although Alison Tetrick has recovered from her injury and has no problem competing at a high level, she now wants to focus her efforts on achieving bilateral symmetry through range of motion exercises. Each week, data from specific range of motion exercises will reviewed each week. Last week, our team at RPM² took a closer look at the information gathered from Alison’s knee extension exercises. Below is a screenshot of the data captured, which shows an improvement in both range of motion and symmetry.


You can also view a video of Alison performing the knee extension excises while wearing her RPM² footbeds.

Stay tuned to our blog and the official Cylance Pro Cycling blog to follow Alison’s progress. Be sure to follow us on social media, too. We have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Sep 12

Alison Tetrick’s Testing Protocol with RPM2

In a previous post, we discussed a professional athlete’s personal experience using RPM² to identify issues with power output and bilateral symmetry. Alison Tetrick, a seasoned cyclist forCylance Pro Cycling, has been performing range of motion tests with our revolutionary remote performance monitoring system after discovering discrepancies between the power outputs of each leg. As part of a focused look at her biomechanical movement, Alison is performing exercises with RPM² and tracking her progress on social media and on the official Cylance Pro Cycling Blog.

Hip Flexion Exercises

As part of her weekly testing protocol with RPM², Alison Tetrick posted a video of her hip flexionexercises along with the results of the data collected by RPM²’s system. As part of evaluating body symmetry, hip flexion exercises are an opportune time to look at power output and range of motion—specifically for Alison who has suffered from a traumatic pelvic injury in the past.

Below is a video of her exercises while wearing RPM² and screenshots of her results.


Cylance Pro Cycling and RPM²

RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. The women’s team has been wearing our footbeds throughout their international tour so that we can use their experiences and feedback to improve our products and provide education to the running and cycling community. As ardent supporters of the team, we routinely post updates and race results on our blog.

Stay tuned to our blog and the official Cylance Pro Cycling blog to follow Alison’s progress. Be sure to follow us on social media, too. We have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Aug 19

RPM2 And Cylance Pro Cycling to Measure Effects of Crashing on Rider Symmetry and Range of Motion

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. The cycling team’s athletes have been bikeconducting rigorous tests with our remote performance monitoring systems to evaluate their training and performance. Recently, one of Cylance Pro Cycling’s athletes detected an inconsistency with her data that led to her realizing a bilateral deficiency.

Cyclist Alison Tetrick’s Experience with RPM²

While Alison Tetrick is a world-class athlete, a previous injury and its effects on her power output were revealed by our data collection technology. “I spent 10 days doing repeatable power tests using different cadences and efforts,” said Alison Tetrick. “I noticed a power discrepancy between my left and right leg.  I had noticed this before in training, because I would often favor one leg over the other. After I submitted the daily tests to RPM2 to help with the development of their product, the brains behind RPM2 asked if I had ever suffered an injury to my right leg.”

Based on the results of her using the RPM² system, it was recommended that she include specific tests that focused on range of motion exercises. Conducted off the bike, these exercises will help monitor her range of motion and bilateral symmetry over time, according to Keith Hill, our Retail Market Manager.

To learn more about Alison’s experience with our devices, you can read the full post from the official Cylance Pro Cycling campaign by clicking here.

The RPM² System

Developed by our CEO, Johnny Ross, RPM² is a revolutionary wearable technology that assists with helping athletes identify issues with their biomechanical movement—specifically power output and bilateral equivalence. Our products have been used by athletes around the world and they have been endorsed by elite and well-known coaches like Jim Vance and the team at Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

Throughout the month of August, RPM² is offering a discount of $25.00 on our footbed system. Simply type in the code “SYMMETRY” when you check out. Be sure to use all caps, as our codes are case sensitive.

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Jul 25

Cylance Features RPM2 Products in Their Blog

As proud sponsors of the Cylance Pro Cycling team, we were honored to be featured in their recent blog and e-mail campaign. Click hereto read the post in its entirety. In our previous posts, we published excerpts of a recent press release that highlighted Valerie Gattis’ experience with RPM²’s products as a Level 2 Triathlon coach. Valerie Gattis’ had wonderful things to say about her experience using our products.

Valerie Gattis, Level 2 Coach

When speaking about RPM², Valerie Gattis stated “As a coach, I find I am now concentrating as much on the mechanics of my athletes as I do on their physical training and psyches. In the past, I was limited to observation to study physical efficiency; specifically gait analysis, which impacts form and efficiency in a runner and can have impact in other areas as well, injury prevention being at the top of the list. Last year I began to look more closely at how I might add gait analysis to my coaching and became interested in RPM2 and their pressure-sensitive insoles as an affordable and extremely effective device for precise measurement.”

Cylance Coach, Omer Kem

The Cylance Professional cycling team has been using RPM² for many months now. These dedicated athletes use our products to measure their biomechanics and their power output. Omer Kem believes that “With RPM2’s footbed power meter, we can easily move devices from bike to bike without additional instillation to our Cannondale Bicycles. The added ability to measure the bio-mechanics of how a rider’s fit affects their power outfit gives Cylance Pro Cycling a definitive advantage.”

RPM²’s Support from the Athletic Community

Dedicated and experienced coaches and athletes throughout the world use our revolutionary technology in their training regimens. Our products have been featured and endorsed by Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., the Cylance Pro Cycling team, and The Natural Running Network. We have partnered with decorated athletes such as Dotsie Bausch and Lesley Paterson, too. Each endorsement from the endurance athlete community further proves that our wearable technology is incredibly useful to athletes from diverse backgrounds.

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