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Oct 22

RPM2 Footbeds: Frequently Asked Questions

RPM² boasts innovative and proprietary technology that helps athlete and coaches around the world monitor performance and measure power output. Since our products have revolutionized wearable technology in sports, many people have questions about how our products work along with queries regarding their usage. Following are a few of the most commonly asked questions about …

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Nov 11

Make the Most of Your RPM2 Footbeds with Our YouTube Channel

If you haven’t visited our YouTube channel yet, you are missing out on a great resource for getting the most out of our revolutionary devices. Not only has RPM² developed the world’s first footbed running and cycling power meter, our devices offer unprecedented accessibility and affordability when it comes to collecting data that measures bilateral …

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Sep 15

RPM²: The Every Day Insert

Did you know that RPM² makes a footbed for daily use? The RPM² Every Day Insert is designed to help cushion the pressure of daily workouts—from running and speed training to cycling—by providing a seamless and comfortable transition between use of our RPM² devices. Made from the same materials as our remote performance monitoring footbeds, …

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Aug 21

RPM² Device Usage and FAQS, Part 2

To help our clients get the most out of our products, we are posting a series of blog posts dedicated to device usage tips and frequently asked questions. At RPM², we strive to deliver technologically advanced products without sacrificing a user-friendly interface. Our last blog of this series focused on registering one’s devices with our …

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Jul 13

RPM2 Device Usage and FAQs, Part 1

Although our products are technologically advanced, that does not mean that RPM² devices are not user friendly. In fact, our CEO and inventor, Johnny Ross along with our savvy tech team has worked tirelessly to provide a user-friendly experience that is efficient and intuitive. Our goal is to streamline the process of retrieving and interpreting …

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Jun 23

Have you heard about the RPM² Rewards Program?

Our team at RPM² is committed to delivering high-quality products that can help enhance athletic performance. We thrive on developing long-term relationships with our valued customers. When you purchase an RPM² system, we know that you will be using our products multiple times a week for years to come. Since our devices are designed for …

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May 06

RPM² Footbeds: Durable, Long Lasting, and Valuable

rpm2 footbed app dash

Did you know that our revolutionary footbeds are tested to last up to 2 million strikes? It’s true. You could actually run a marathon per week in our footbeds and they would last about a year. With our recent price reduction and increased interest in our products, our team has decided to answer some frequently asked …

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Apr 02

RPM2 Offers the First Affordable Footbed Power Meter for Cyclists

The MedHab team is excited to announce the addition of a real-time calibrated power meter for cyclists to our RPM² system. Linked from your footbed inserts to your smartphone, this new RPM² feature requires no extra equipment, unlike other popular—and expensive—products on the market that provide comparable data about your leg power during cycling. What …

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Oct 27

Do Runners Need Gait Analysis?


Endurance athletes have likely heard the words “gait analysis” at some point or another in their athletic careers. The use of gait analysis to study the way people move is gaining momentum—especially in the world of professional sports. In recent years, more physicians, therapists, and athletic trainers have recognized the importance of monitoring and analyzing …

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Sep 12

RPM2: An Overview of the White Paper by Dr. Kelly Brooks

Did you know that RPM² footbeds were validated and reviewed by Dr. Kelly Brooks during her time as a professor at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi? In February of 2013, Dr. Brooks conducted a review of our product, its technology, and its applications for athletes. The results of the review were published in a White …

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