Aug 19

RPM2 And Cylance Pro Cycling to Measure Effects of Crashing on Rider Symmetry and Range of Motion

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. The cycling team’s athletes have been bikeconducting rigorous tests with our remote performance monitoring systems to evaluate their training and performance. Recently, one of Cylance Pro Cycling’s athletes detected an inconsistency with her data that led to her realizing a bilateral deficiency.

Cyclist Alison Tetrick’s Experience with RPM²

While Alison Tetrick is a world-class athlete, a previous injury and its effects on her power output were revealed by our data collection technology. “I spent 10 days doing repeatable power tests using different cadences and efforts,” said Alison Tetrick. “I noticed a power discrepancy between my left and right leg.  I had noticed this before in training, because I would often favor one leg over the other. After I submitted the daily tests to RPM2 to help with the development of their product, the brains behind RPM2 asked if I had ever suffered an injury to my right leg.”

Based on the results of her using the RPM² system, it was recommended that she include specific tests that focused on range of motion exercises. Conducted off the bike, these exercises will help monitor her range of motion and bilateral symmetry over time, according to Keith Hill, our Retail Market Manager.

To learn more about Alison’s experience with our devices, you can read the full post from the official Cylance Pro Cycling campaign by clicking here.

The RPM² System

Developed by our CEO, Johnny Ross, RPM² is a revolutionary wearable technology that assists with helping athletes identify issues with their biomechanical movement—specifically power output and bilateral equivalence. Our products have been used by athletes around the world and they have been endorsed by elite and well-known coaches like Jim Vance and the team at Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

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