Nov 28

RPM2 Partner Dotsie Bausch | TEDx Talk: Olympic Level Compassion

dotsie bausch

Dotsie Bausch, Silver Medalist 2012 Olympics

RPM²’s partnership with Olympian Dotsie Bausch has been one of our most rewarding so far. Dotsie Bausch is an ardent supporter of our mission and our devices’ revolutionary technology. Our team is grateful for her support. In addition to her illustrious rise in the cycling community, Dotsie is nothing short of an inspirational person. She is a staunch advocate for a number of causes including raising awareness for eating disorders by serving as a NEDA Ambassador and animal welfare. What you might not know about her, however, is a story best told by Dotsie herself. Below is “Olympic Level Compassion”, a TEDx Talk from September, 2015.

Olympic Level Compassion

As a survivor of an eating disorder, a mental illness that unfortunately claims thousands of lives each year, Dotsie speaks with passion about her recovery and subsequent entry into the world of cycling. What is more interesting, however, is the dietary lifestyle she adopted while performing at such an elite level. A dietary lifestyle rooted in her strong ethics concerning the food industry and animal welfare. Inspired and shocked by a documentary that exposed the cruel practices of meat and dairy producers, she coined the term “Olympic Level Compassion”. Drawing on the same passion she had for recovering from anorexia and the same fire for elite-level competition, Dotsie took an innovative approach to how she fueled her body with a plant-based diet. She earned a Silver Medal in the 2012 Olympics without eating animal-based proteins of any kind.

To learn more about the issues Dotsie Bausch advocates, visit her official website by clicking here.

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