Nov 21

Update: Alison Tetrick RPM2 Product Testing

As we have covered in numerous posts, Cylance Pro Cycling team member, Alison Tetrick has been testing RPM² footbeds to monitor and improve her bilateral symmetry and power output for the past seven weeks. Her testing protocol involves using RPM² pre-set exercises on a regular basis to monitor changes in her power output from both legs. She has found the data collected by the RPM² system useful in determining how alterations in her training have helped overcome some bilateral deficiencies caused by an old hip injury.

As she transitions from a rigorous and challenging racing season to off-season, Alison plans to continue her product testing, which she intends to still share on social media as she has done in the past. Below you can view a screenshot of her data history with the pre-set knee extension exercises.


Regarding her transition to off-season, Alison states:

“Coming home after a full year of racing, the first thing you do is get to all the doctors and medical appointments you need.  I can fit my RPM2 routine into now my normal protocol of checking on the injuries and also getting prescribed treatments to help balance my body out.  The RPM2 exercises will help initiate new strength and balance without as much intensity and hours on the bike.  I will also be going to physical therapy for my shoulder as well as getting some of the connective tissues worked on from the broken ribs.  This year was painful, but also so beautiful.  I can still feel all those races in my body so I am excited to watch the healing and recovering begin.”


RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. We wish Alison Tetrick and all the other fantastic athletes a wonderful off-season. The women’s team is full of seasoned and tough competitors who performed beyond expectations this past racing season. To stay up-to-date with Cylance Pro Cycling, click here to follow their official blog.

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