Jul 25

Cylance Features RPM2 Products in Their Blog

As proud sponsors of the Cylance Pro Cycling team, we were honored to be featured in their recent blog and e-mail campaign. Click hereto read the post in its entirety. In our previous posts, we published excerpts of a recent press release that highlighted Valerie Gattis’ experience with RPM²’s products as a Level 2 Triathlon coach. Valerie Gattis’ had wonderful things to say about her experience using our products.

Valerie Gattis, Level 2 Coach

When speaking about RPM², Valerie Gattis stated “As a coach, I find I am now concentrating as much on the mechanics of my athletes as I do on their physical training and psyches. In the past, I was limited to observation to study physical efficiency; specifically gait analysis, which impacts form and efficiency in a runner and can have impact in other areas as well, injury prevention being at the top of the list. Last year I began to look more closely at how I might add gait analysis to my coaching and became interested in RPM2 and their pressure-sensitive insoles as an affordable and extremely effective device for precise measurement.”

Cylance Coach, Omer Kem

The Cylance Professional cycling team has been using RPM² for many months now. These dedicated athletes use our products to measure their biomechanics and their power output. Omer Kem believes that “With RPM2’s footbed power meter, we can easily move devices from bike to bike without additional instillation to our Cannondale Bicycles. The added ability to measure the bio-mechanics of how a rider’s fit affects their power outfit gives Cylance Pro Cycling a definitive advantage.”

RPM²’s Support from the Athletic Community

Dedicated and experienced coaches and athletes throughout the world use our revolutionary technology in their training regimens. Our products have been featured and endorsed by Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., the Cylance Pro Cycling team, and The Natural Running Network. We have partnered with decorated athletes such as Dotsie Bausch and Lesley Paterson, too. Each endorsement from the endurance athlete community further proves that our wearable technology is incredibly useful to athletes from diverse backgrounds.

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