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How Gait Analysis Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

RPM2-2013AdvertTile100x100greenongreenWhen it comes to analyzing athletic performance, gait is often the last thing that is considered, and this consideration usually occurs only after an injury has taken place. However, gait analysis is a critical component of enhancing your performance, and the best time to perform the process is before an injury occurs as a preventive measure. Our RPM2 device is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective method of measuring gait and pointing out flaws in running mechanics so that they can be corrected.

What Is Gait Analysis and Why Is It Important?

Gait analysis is studying the way the body moves while running so that you can discover problems such as stiff joints or weak muscles that lead to injury and prevent you from performing optimally. The body compensates for these issues by moving in an inefficient, unbalanced manner, which leads to biomechanical abnormalities such as overpronation, oversupination, or pelvic tilt. Over time, these abnormalities will cause excessive wear and tear on the joints and could cut your running career short.

Measuring factors such as cadence, stride length, speed, foot angle, and hip angle, gait analysis points out improper mechanics so that you can make adjustments to your training regimen. With proper running technique and mechanics, your joints, muscles, and the rest of your body will function as a synergistic unit, dramatically increasing your performance with less stress on your body.

How Does the RPM2 Footbed Product Measure Gait?

RPM2 consists of a set of shoe inserts that are embedded with sensors, which measure the distribution of pressure on the soles of your feet–both while running and while performing a set of exercises. Changes in pressure during your run can help you determine if fatigue plays a part in your gait issues. The tests utilizing exercises help determine the range of motion of the ankle, knee, and hip joints, which tells you if there are any deficits in strength or flexibility that need to be addressed to achieve bilateral equivalence.

After running and performing a set of five exercises while wearing the innovative footbed product, the data collected is sent to an app on your Android or iOS phone. Armed with this information, you and your trainer can make improvements in your gait to increase your running efficiency.

Why Is RPM2 Such a Revolutionary Product?

Prior to the invention of RPM2, the only way to accurately assess gait was through a laboratory, which involved using bulky, expensive equipment such as special computers, treadmills, video cameras, and force plates on the floor. A recent test that pitted RPM2 against the laboratory gait analysis equipment at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi revealed that our footbed product was just as accurate at indicating pressure distribution changes during different phases of activity. RPM2 eliminates the need for costly, extensive studies in a lab and is readily available to anyone who is serious about improving his or her performance.

RPM2: The Ideal Choice for Gait Analysis

To discover and correct improper mechanics so that you can improve your athletic performance, you can’t beat the accuracy and simplicity of RPM2. To learn more about our products and how they work, visit us at rpm2.com today.

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