Sep 12

Alison Tetrick’s Testing Protocol with RPM2

In a previous post, we discussed a professional athlete’s personal experience using RPM² to identify issues with power output and bilateral symmetry. Alison Tetrick, a seasoned cyclist forCylance Pro Cycling, has been performing range of motion tests with our revolutionary remote performance monitoring system after discovering discrepancies between the power outputs of each leg. As part of a focused look at her biomechanical movement, Alison is performing exercises with RPM² and tracking her progress on social media and on the official Cylance Pro Cycling Blog.

Hip Flexion Exercises

As part of her weekly testing protocol with RPM², Alison Tetrick posted a video of her hip flexionexercises along with the results of the data collected by RPM²’s system. As part of evaluating body symmetry, hip flexion exercises are an opportune time to look at power output and range of motion—specifically for Alison who has suffered from a traumatic pelvic injury in the past.

Below is a video of her exercises while wearing RPM² and screenshots of her results.


Cylance Pro Cycling and RPM²

RPM² is a proud sponsor of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. The women’s team has been wearing our footbeds throughout their international tour so that we can use their experiences and feedback to improve our products and provide education to the running and cycling community. As ardent supporters of the team, we routinely post updates and race results on our blog.

Stay tuned to our blog and the official Cylance Pro Cycling blog to follow Alison’s progress. Be sure to follow us on social media, too. We have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

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