May 05

Run With Power: New Book Serves as Guide to Power Meters

In the past, we have sponsored seminars with Jim Vance. You might remember that RPM² sponsored his talk, “Running with Power” at last year’s Ironman Competition in Kona. We are proud to announce that Jim Vance

Jim Vance, Elite Coach

Jim Vance, Author of “Run with Power”

has authored a book published by VeloPress, the premier publishing company for the endurance sport community.

About “Run with Power” and Jim Vance

Jim Vance is an elite coach and decorated triathlete who has taken a scientific approach to understanding biomechanical movements and how wearable technology can improve the performance of athletes. His book, “Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running” will take an exhaustive look at power meters currently available on the market.

Our team supplied Jim Vance with a wealth of data and information on our product so that he could provide an accurate representation of our products in his book. RPM² Retail Manager, Keith Hill is excited for this book’s release and the future of wearable technology. He recently stated, “We are excited about Jim’s book and how running with power will revolutionize the way athletes train with power, similar to what has been seen with cycling power meters. Additionally, RPM2 now affords athletes the ability to measure and train with power, both off and on the bike.”

You can order Jim Vance’s book directly from VeloPress by clicking here. “Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running” will also be available at Barnes and Noble, Cordee for our UK customers, and on Amazon.com.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Announcements

RPM² has teamed up with Jim Vance and VeloPross to promote this insightful book. Some of our future blog posts will provide exclusive access to the book’s content for our readers and loyal customers.

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