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Jan 20

5 Benefits of Winter Training for Cyclists and Triathletes

Many endurance athletes forego training in the winter for various reasons. Some may need the much-needed break while others find themselves too busy with Holiday traveling. For those that do want to continue training throughout the winter, there are some obvious benefits to taking a year-round approach, even during the sometimes-harsh winter months. Following are …

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Jan 13

2016 Resolutions: Training Tips from RPM2

Our team at RPM² is dedicated to helping cyclists, runners, and triathletes get the most out of their training regimen with our revolutionary products. Our inserts, made with proprietary technology, provide thorough analyses of biomechanical movements so that coaches, trainers, and athletes can monitor bilateral symmetry. In addition to offering state-of-the-art features like power meters …

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Feb 28

How Weak Glutes Affect Your Running Performance

As an elite athlete, you know the importance of maintaining a strong core, but there’s another “core” muscle group that often gets neglected in a runner’s strength training program: the glutes. These strong, large muscles should play the starring role in your running activity rather than allowing the smaller, supporting muscles to take over. When …

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Nov 24

Sleep Needs of the Triathlete

An adequate amount of sleep every night is essential for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This is even truer for high-performance athletes, who place more demands on their bodies than the average person. The right amount of sleep helps the body recover after training and can shave minutes off your performance time. Here are the …

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Oct 06

Common Injuries in Runners: Runner’s Knee

As the name suggests, runner’s knee is a common injury among runners, and it accounts for about 20 percent of running injuries. The condition also affects other types of athletes who frequently bend their knees, including cyclists. The official name of this injury is patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), and it is characterized by pain around …

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Sep 26

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Immune System for Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes commit to rigorous training to improve their performance. While year-round conditioning and strength training is a necessity for boosting stamina, too much training can impair the immune system—thus making endurance athletes susceptible to chronic fatigue and sickness. Committed to helping athletes achieve their goals, our team at RPM² has provided some helpful tips …

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Sep 19

Carbohydrates and the High-Performance Athlete

In past posts, we discussed the importance of fat and protein intake for the endurance athlete, in today’s post, we will highlight the importance of carbohydrates and how this food group can enhance performance. Before a big event, athletes of all levels typically “carb load” the night before a performance. While this is common practice, …

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Sep 05

Key Fundamentals for Understanding Speed

Improving speed is a common goal for any athlete. One thing that can help an endurance athlete overcome plateaus or push their performance to the next level is understanding the mechanics behind speed and adjusting training to achieve fluid, biomechanical movement. This week, our team at RPM² discusses important fundamentals that relate to speed. Bi-Lateral …

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Jun 25

Can High-Intensity Interval Training Increase Your Running Speed?

A relatively new training technique, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is often rejected by running traditionalists, but it is steadily gaining the approval of researchers, trainers and elite athletes as a viable method of increasing running speed and overall fitness. Here are the basics on this highly debated training method and how it may make you …

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Mar 17

More Free Webinars from RPM2 and USA Triathlon

As we discussed in January, RPM2  began its webinar series with USA Triathlon. As the official footbed partner with the organization, our team cares deeply about helping athletes enhance their athletic performance by achieving bi-lateral equivalence. In addition to inventing the revolutionary RPM2   system, MedHab, LLC collaborates with industry professionals, physical therapists, trainers, and doctors …

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