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Nov 05

RPM2 Offers Incomparable Value and Quality


Since launching our revolutionary wearable technology system just a few short years ago, RPM² has made quite an impact among the endurance sports community. Not only does RPM² gather and evaluate performance data such as cadence, step time, and weight distribution, which can be used to measure bilateral symmetry and analyze gait, the system features …

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May 25

More Exclusive Content from Run With Power by Jim Vance

Did you know that the RPM² system has been featured in a new book? Renowned endurance coach, Jim Vance recently published Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running. Published by VeloPress, the leading publisher of materials geared toward the endurance athlete community, Run with Power has been lauded by elite coaches, …

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May 18

RPM2 is One of the Most Affordable Power Meters on the Market

With the release of Run with Power and forging new partnerships, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in our revolutionary remote performance monitoring device, RPM². Our device is useful for all types of athletes—especially endurance athletes who compete in marathons, triathlons, and competitive racing. Not only does RPM² collect a wealth of data …

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May 12

Exclusive Sneak Peek at Run with Power by Jim Vance, Part 1

run with power

Last week, we discussed Jim Vance’s book Run with Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running. The RPM² system, which features the world’s first footbed-based power meter is discussed at length in Run with Power. Jim Vance is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches when it comes to power meters and …

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May 05

Run With Power: New Book Serves as Guide to Power Meters

In the past, we have sponsored seminars with Jim Vance. You might remember that RPM² sponsored his talk, “Running with Power” at last year’s Ironman Competition in Kona. We are proud to announce that Jim Vance has authored a book published by VeloPress, the premier publishing company for the endurance sport community. About “Run with …

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Apr 29


When compared to other products on the market and the various uses for RPM², our revolutionary remote performance monitoring devices are incredibly affordable. Whenever possible, we utilize measures that increase our productivity and efficiency to keep our great products at an affordable price. In the past, our penchant for streamlining our production methods has resulted …

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Apr 07

Watch What our Partners and Sponsors Say About RPM2

If you have been following our blog and social media, it’s no surprise that RPM² devices are worn by some of the best athletes in the world. It’s also no surprise that renowned coaches use our technology to help their athletes increase speed and improve performance. Now that our RPM² devices boast the first footbed-based …

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Mar 16

Cycling Weekly Features RPM2’s Power Meter

A number of news outlets, podcasters, bloggers, and coaches have featured our products this Spring and we could not be more enthused. The buzz surrounding RPM² has to do with the fact that more athletes and coaches have been exposed to what our products have to offer. Leaders in the endurance athlete community are thrilled …

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Mar 10

Power Meters: RPM2 CEO, Johnny Ross Featured on Training Bible Podcast

On February 4th, our CEO, Johnny Ross joined Adam Zucco and Scott Iott on the Training Bible’s podcast to discuss how RPM² works and how it can be of benefit to athletes. If you would like to listen to the entire podcast, click here. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to discuss the importance of fluid …

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