Apr 07

Watch What our Partners and Sponsors Say About RPM2

If you have been following our blog and social media, it’s no surprise that RPM² devices are worn by some of the best athletes in the world. It’s also no surprise that renowned coaches use our technology to help their athletes increase speed and improve performance. Now that our RPM² devices boast the first footbed-based power meters, our products have even broader applications for competitors in every sport.

In our newest video, you will hear from our partners Michael Johnson of MJP, Inc., MJP Coach Lance Walker, and Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch.

Highlights from our Partners and Sponsors

When discussing the benefits of the RPM² power meter, Dotsie Bausch drove home the benefits of portability with a footbed-based power meter. When compared to other power meter systems, RPM² is lightweight and perfect for travel. Moreover, it can be used on any bike unlike some other power meter systems, which are fitted to a specific bike. Since our technology measures power from various sources, RPM² can help pinpoint where power is generated and in turn, help cyclists determine where to place the cleat on a cycling shoe for optimal performance.

Our video features a testimonial from one of our sponsored athletes, Lesley Paterson. A three-time Xterra champion and coach, Lesley Paterson discusses the benefits of using the RPM² on all her bikes. A long time user of power meters, Lesley prefers RPM²’s portable nature along with its proprietary technology. RPM²’s user-friendly power meter allows Lesley to train with our power meters on mountain bikes and road bikes without having to use different equipment and systems. Not only does she use our systems for cycling and running, she uses RPM² to help the athletes she coaches through her company, Braveheart Fitness.

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