Mar 16

Cycling Weekly Features RPM2’s Power Meter

runningA number of news outlets, podcasters, bloggers, and coaches have featured our products this Spring and we could not be more enthused. The buzz surrounding RPM² has to do with the fact that more athletes and coaches have been exposed to what our products have to offer. Leaders in the endurance athlete community are thrilled that not only do our footbeds provide gait analysis and other data to measure bilateral equivalence but also that our running and triathlete systems offer built-in power meters.

What Cycling Weekly Thinks of Our Power Meter

Published on February 25, 2016, the article’s author Henry Robertshaw wrote, “The RPM² power meter certainly stands out from its competitors in the way it measures power”, Robertshaw is referring to the fact that our power meter measures force going through the footbeds, inside the shoe. This feature, among others, is what makes our device so extraordinary when compared to other wearable technology on the market.

Robertshaw goes on to discuss our footbeds’ compatibility with ANT+ and .Fit as well as the user friendly nature of our official app. Lastly, Cycling Weekly mentions the affordable price of our devices, which is something of which we are quite proud. Our goal was to develop state of the art technology that offers longevity and quality without breaking the bank.

If you would like to read the full article, click here.

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RPM² is a proud sponsor of many well-known and accomplished endurance athletes. We recently added the Cylance Pro Cycling team to our sponsorship roster. The Cylance team will be using our devices throughout their 2016 tour. Our social media accounts are a great place to track our athletes’ progress and stay in the know on the latest happenings with our products and promotional programs.

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