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Power Meters: RPM2 CEO, Johnny Ross Featured on Training Bible Podcast

Johnny Ross Head ShotOn February 4th, our CEO, Johnny Ross joined Adam Zucco and Scott Iott on the Training Bible’s podcast to discuss how RPM² works and how it can be of benefit to athletes. If you would like to listen to the entire podcast, click here.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to discuss the importance of fluid biomechanical movement and how achieving bilateral equivalence can enhance performance, our team members are more than happy to give their insight. Whether it is attending a sporting event such as Ironman or joining in a discussion with coaches and training experts, we make room in our busy schedules to provide product education and support to new and potential customers alike.

An Overview of the Podcast with Johnny Ross

The podcast focused on how RPM² works, a brief rundown of the product’s revolutionary technology, and how using RPM² inserts can benefit athletes. Johnny Ross discussed the built-in power meter function as well as the origin story behind the invention of our footbeds.

Essentially, Adam and Scott inquired about the type of data collected by the footbeds and how our product’s ultra-sensitive force sensors collect the data. Johnny Ross explained that the power meter function assesses power bilaterally and collectively in relation to cadence to generate data for “how” an athlete runs. This data then provides an opportunity to gain speed in training by making adjustments.

Four force sensors in each RPM² insert collect data. The sensors are divided into four quadrants that correspond with four quadrants of the foot. After the force sensors are calibrated to the individual athlete, they can measure vertical and horizontal power. Aside from aggregating data on power, RPM² inserts provide gait analysis by measuring variables such as sequential force strike, flight time, and contact time in each foot. This data can reveal breakdowns in biomechanical movement over the course of a run. If a breakdown in movement occurs, training can be adjusted and monitored to improve performance and speed.

About The Training Bible Podcast

The Training Bible podcast has aired since 2008. Adam Zucco and Scott Iott host coaches, product representatives, elite trainers, and professional athletes to discuss the latest news and innovations that affect triathletes.

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