Jul 06

What Michael Johnson Has to Say about RPM2

MJP and RPM2 picSince announcing the establishment of our corporate partnership with Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. RPM² devices have been used by athletes from every sport imaginable. RPM² and Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. (MJP) have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership based on a shared passion for improving athletic performance. By combining our revolutionary and patented technology, the coaches at MJP can help athletes achieve bilateral equivalence with smooth, fluid biomechanical movements.

In his own words, Michael Johnson, a four-time, Olympic Gold medalist, believes that our products will play a pivotal role to fulfill the mission of MJP, which is to help all athletes reach their full potential. In his video testimonial about RPM², Michael Johnson states “We are adamant about our ability to analyze athletes, test athletes, and get feedback for ourselves that allows us to develop more effective training programs for our coaches, and RPM2 will help us do that.” Click on the video below to watch his full testimonial.

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In addition to our website, blog, and social media, we have a YouTube channel that helps educate our clients and future customers on our products. If you’re interested in seeing testimonials from coaches and customers or would like to see our products in action, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide excellent customer service.

See What Other Athletes and Coaches Have to Say about RPM²

We have a page on our official website dedicated to testimonials and reviews. On this page, you can read what coaches and athletes have to say about their experiences with RPM² devices. Our website also has a wealth of information on how to use our devices and how to interpret the data collected by RPM² footbeds.

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