Jul 13

RPM2 Device Usage and FAQs, Part 1

Although our products are technologically advanced, that does not mean that RPM² devices are not user friendly. In rpm2 footbed app dashfact, our CEO and inventor, Johnny Ross along with our savvy tech team has worked tirelessly to provide a user-friendly experience that is efficient and intuitive. Our goal is to streamline the process of retrieving and interpreting performance data. By taking a cohesive approach to measuring and monitoring athletic movement, our valued customers and their trainers can accurately assess gait, weight distribution, and step time with ease. Following is some helpful information for downloading RPM² apps to your mobile device and registering your footbeds.

How do I get the RPM2 app?

Downloading our app is easy! If you have an Android operating system, simply visit Google play on your phone or tablet. Click on app “Markets” and search for “RPM2”. Click install and our app will be accessible on your phone.

If you have an Apple operating system, all you have to do is visit your app store on your phone or tablet and search for “RPM2”. Once your see our app, click “install” and you’re set.

How do I register my footbeds with the RPM2 app?

To use your device, you will need to log in to the account you created when you purchased our footbeds on www.rpm2.com. Once you’ve logged in, click “register device” on the top menu. Next, type in the unique serial number (12 digits) located on the bottom of your footbeds. Then hit “accept” on our terms and conditions disclaimer. Click continue and a registration code will be generated for you. Once you have a registration code, simply open your mobile app and enter the code given.

For more detailed instructions, we have a Youtube tutorial embedded below for your convenience. Stayed tuned for part two of our FAQs blog series.


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