Jun 29

Fitness Writer, Christine Blanchette Features RPM2

In recent months, our company has been featured and reviewed by numerous publications. Our team could not be more enthused that our products are reaching more people. Recently, seasoned fitness writer, Christine Blanchette discussed our official corporate partner, Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. and our products in the Sherbrooke Record and on her personal blog. After researching what our products had to offer, Christine Blanchette talked with our CEO and inventor, Johnny Ross.


logo_full_sizeOn her website’s blog, Christine states “Imagine if you could take your level of running, soccer or cycling to a higher gear by using Ross’s revolutionary device to help monitor your proper mechanics or gait. Indeed, the device, called the RPM² – Remote Performance Measuring and Monitoring, has been tested to do all of the above.” She goes on to say, “It is a remote force – measuring shoe insole to help high performance athletes to the weekend warrior to correct their bilateral deficits. Not only individuals are using this device, teams such as MLB’s Texas Rangers and the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks are training with the device.”

In recent article for the Sherbrooke Record, Christine also wrote about Michael Johnson Performance (MJp), Inc., and how our partnership has helped coaches and trainers improve the movement and mechanics of athletic performance through the data collected by RPM² devices. She discusses how coaches at MJP, have incorporated RPM² into their arsenal of valuable training tools.

About Christine

christine blanchetteChristine Blanchette serves as producer and host of “Run With It” on Shaw Television. The program is the only running- and fitness-themed health show in British Columbia. Her articles have been featured in the Seattle Times, Canadian Running Magazine, Huffington Post and many other notable publications. To visit her website, click here.

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