Jul 18

Your RPM2 Footbeds & Metatarsal Measurement Instructions

In previous blog posts, we discussed the steps you need to take when unboxing your RPM² system and how to calibrate your footbeds for rpm2 footbed app dashcycling and running. Today, we are going to discuss another important step you should take before your purchase your RPM² footbed system: determining your metatarsal measurement.

Why Metatarsal Measurement Matters

When you add the RPM² system to your cart on our secure e-store, you will be prompted to fill out a form, which asks for your left and right metatarsal size. It is important that our customers know that metatarsal measurement is not the same thing as your shoe size. Instead, metatarsal measurement involves the length of your foot from its heel to the ball of your foot. Metatarsal measurement is used to enhance the accuracy of your footbeds so that they can collect precise data as you begin to use them.

How to Calculate Your Metatarsal Measurement

Our team at RPM² has made it very easy to calculate your metatarsal measurement. Before purchasing your RPM² system, click here to download and print our Insole Measurement Guide. You will download the guide in .PDF form and print it off on a standard piece of paper. Be sure to uncheck “fit to page” on your print settings. If part of your printed sheet is cut off, you can utilize a ruler that measures in centimeters to ensure that you get an accurate measurement. Wearing socks or standing barefoot, place the heel of your foot at the bottom of the page as it sits flat on the floor. Start with your right foot first. Shift your weight onto the ball of your foot to match up with Figure A on the Insole Measurement Guide. Use your index finger to locate where the ball of your foot touches the chart and use your finger’s placement to determine the proper measurement. To get the metatarsal sizing for your left foot, simply repeat the process using the same guide. Be sure to write down your measurements and use these calculations when you place your order.

Following is a short, step-by-step YouTube tutorial for printing off and utilizing the Insole Measurement Guide.

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