Jun 21

Your RPM2 System Has Been Delivered: Now What?

RPM² is a unique product made with advanced, proprietary technology. Even if you are a seasoned cyclist, runner, or triathlete who has usedrpm2 footbed app dash wearable technology in the past, you will likely realize that reading our operating manual and taking time to learn how to use your RPM² device is important. If you’re new to the RPM² family, we have you covered. In addition to this blog site, we have a wealth of YouTube videos dedicated to providing informative, step-by-step tutorials on everything from unboxing your footbeds and charging them to pairing your footbeds with your mobile device.

What to Expect When Opening Your RPM² Device Packaging

You might be wondering what is included in your package when your RPM² system arrives. You also might wonder if you should take any precautions when unboxing your package to avoid damaging your equipment. Fortunately, our packaging is designed to protect your device. Your RPM² inserts will be protected by weather-proof plastics and your charging mat will be housed in a protective box. Inside your package is the RPM² user manual. This manual will be very helpful to you as you begin to work with your devices. We recommend keeping the manual in a safe place—even after you have read through it.

To see what’s included in our packaging and to learn how to charge your inserts, watch our unboxing and charging tutorial below.


Registering, Pairing, and Connecting Your RPM² System

After you have charged your footbeds, you will need to register your footbeds and pair them with your mobile platform of choice. The RPM² app is available for both Apple iOS and Android. Remember that you will need the unique code printed on your RPM² inserts to register your device. Below are instructional videos for registering, pairing, and connecting your device.

For Android Users

For Apple iOS Users

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