Feb 26

RPM²: More from the Cylance Team Camp

rpm2 footbed app dashIn a previous post, we highlighted the Cylance Pro Cycling team’s recent sponsorship summit and team camp. Cylance Inc., and Inspire Sports, LLC sponsor the Cylance Pro Cycling team. In addition to competing on an international level, the team travels throughout the world to inspire and motivate budding athletes, adolescents, and adults. During the team camp, the cycling team was all given a set of RPM² footbeds to try.

After wearing and calibrating the inserts, team members then used our mobile app to test out our revolutionary cycling power meter and explore their levels of bilateral symmetry.

Below is a video of the Cylance team trying out our inserts.

Cylance team during their 1 hr ride using RPM2!

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The Importance of Bilateral Equivalence

While RPM² has long been promoting the idea of incorporating measureable data on bilateral equivalence into training regimens, the notion of bilateral symmetry and its importance on performance is beginning to become more widely known.

Achieving bilateral equivalence has great applications for all types of athletes. Essentially, achieving and maintaining bilateral symmetry will help increase speed and promote fluid biomechanical movements. This is incredibly important for endurance athletes and those overcoming previous injuries.

As a company dedicated to helping athletes achieve results and overcome performance plateaus, we were thrilled to show our technology to the Cylance team along with the myriad of other athletes we have worked with.

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