Feb 24

Michael Johnson Discusses RPM2 on Tampa Bay Sports Radio

MJP and RPM2 picOn February 2, our partner Michael Johnson of Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. was a featured guest on the long-running Ron & Ian sports radio show at WDAE in Tampa, Florida. During the 10-minute spot, the nine-time World Champion addressed a number of topics, including his passion for helping athletes attain balance in their training regimens and how RPM²‘s innovative footbed inserts help him and his staff perform their jobs better.

The Use of RPM² at Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

At Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., Johnson and staff work with individual athletes, clubs and Olympic federations to help them achieve balance and symmetry in their athletic development. Said Johnson, “We have a comprehensive program at Michael Johnson performance that utilizes lots of different philosophies and different technologies.” One such technology is RPM², a remote performance monitoring shoe insert that takes a range of measurements to spot bi-lateral deficiencies in the legs. If left-right imbalances with gait, pressure, and range of motion are detected by both Johnson’s athletic specialists and RPM², training is then adjusted to help the athlete achieve bi-lateral equivalence by using both legs equally.

A Focus on Athletic Development

“We work with athletes on enhancing their athleticism for their sport but also [for] injury prevention and, in the case of someone like Tom Brady, who is 37 years old, prolonging their careers…so what we do is focus on efficiency of movement.” One issue he frequently encounters is that many athletes only train in their chosen sports, leaving some muscle groups undertrained and underdeveloped. This type of imbalance sets the athlete up for injury. Johnson and his staff of over 20 coaches, physical therapists, and other specialists focus on helping the athletes in their program achieve balanced athletic development of every muscle group. This includes youth athletes who have been playing a single sport for years but haven’t had the full athletic development experience.

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