Dec 12

More About Our Partnership With Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

MJP and RPM2 picThe MedHab team recently announced our new partnership with Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. (MJP), and we could not be more enthusiastic about helping the company’s clients achieve better athletic performances with our cutting-edge RPM2 footbed devices. In turn, we are excited to receive feedback from the clients and professional coaches at MJP to help us make improvements to our products, which identify bilateral deficiencies with regard to range of motion, gait, and pressure. Here’s more information about the significance of this professional partnership.

Who Is Michael Johnson?

A track and field gold medalist, Michael Johnson earned the title of “fastest man in the world” in 1996, when he completed the 200/400 meter Olympic double in record time. He represented the United States in the Olympics three different times—Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996, and Sydney in 2000—and won gold medals at each. Johnson is additionally a nine-time World Champion. He retired in 2001 and opened Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney, Texas with the goal of giving all types of athletes the physical and mental tools they need to perform optimally. A graduate of Baylor University with a degree in marketing, Johnson has also established himself as a sought-after motivational speaker and television commentator.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The performance training staff at MJP is extensively educated and has decades of combined experience in working with the world’s top athletes. Their individual assessments of an athlete’s performance, provides subjective as well as objective feedback utilizing the latest technology. Enter RPM2’s footbed devices, which provide objective data regarding the mechanics of the athlete’s movements. Combining the coach’s assessment with the precise measurements of RPM2 allows the coach and athlete to better understand training issues that need to be addressed to achieve bilateral equivalence.

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