Nov 10

MedHab Announces Partnership with Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

rpm2 michael johnsonJust last week, MedHab officially announced a partnership with Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. Michael Johnson, is a world record holder and Olympic champion and is founder and president of Michael Johnson Performance, an athletic performance organization based in McKinney, Texas. Michael Johnson Performance provides training for professional athletes of all sports as well as youth athletic training programs. Michael Johnson Performance is a global organization with operations and clients in China, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

RPM², Endorsed by Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson Performance

By partnering with Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., Medhab’s flagship product, RPM² will be used by the organization’s coaches to help athletes achieve bi-lateral equivalence. Since testing RPM² footbeds, Michael Johnson believes that “this system will provide us with valuable feedback when monitoring our clients’ performances. Our coaches are well-trained in helping athletes improve their skills; however, we’re now able to more objectively observe the mechanics involved in our clients’ movements to enhance their abilities and avoid injury.” Since the announcement of this partnership, RPM² will be used in regular training for athletes at Michael Johnson Performance. Regarding RPM²’s ability to reveal bilateral deficits and analyze gait, Michael Johnson stated, “Having competed professionally, I can personally attest to the important of ensuring bilateral equivalence for optimal performance.”

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