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Aug 01

What Is Sequential Force Strike?

At RPM2, we’re continually improving our products and adding new features to help you boost your performance. You may have noticed a new feature on your RPM2 dashboard after calibrating your inserts or using the 100-yard dash feature. It is called sequential force strike, and you can locate it by clicking on the yellow arrow …

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Apr 30

Interpreting Your Dashboard Report After a Run

In addition to testing your range of motion, RPM2 collects information on bilateral equivalence during a run. After calibrating your inserts and setting your run time, you’ll click “start” to begin your run. Your device will alert you when the run time is complete, and several measurements will appear on your dashboard. To measure run …

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Apr 10

Monitoring Bilateral Equivalence During Cycling

We’ve already talked about the range-of-motion and running exercises used to monitor bilateral deficiencies with RPM2, and now we’d like to introduce you to our cycling analysis. The objective data provided by our state-of-the-art product during four different cycling tests offer you and your trainer valuable information regarding bilateral pressure on the pedals and whether …

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Mar 24

An Overview of the RPM2 Preset Exercises to Help You Achieve Bi-Lateral Equivalence

After receiving your RPM2  footbeds, you will then need to perform preset exercises so that our device can monitor and analyze the data necessary to determine bi-lateral deficiencies. The preset exercises should be performed once a week to measure your progress along the way. As you or your trainer begin to adapt your mechanical movement …

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Mar 11

Calibrating Your RPM2 Footbed Products

Do you know how to calibrate your RPM2 products when you receive them? Calibrating your footbeds is important to achieving accurate monitoring results. Because our footbed systems are designed for customization, each individual user must calibrate their inserts. Fortunately, this process only takes ten seconds. After downloading our mobile app, you should calibrate your footbeds …

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Mar 03

RPM² Footbeds: Quality You Can Trust

In addition to our patented remote performance monitoring products with state-of-the-art technology, our team at MedHab places a high priority on providing quality products to our customers. When manufacturing and calibrating our footbeds, we take exhaustive measures to ensure that our products meet rigorous standards determined by our company leaders. One of the unique features …

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Feb 06

How Gait Analysis Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

When it comes to analyzing athletic performance, gait is often the last thing that is considered, and this consideration usually occurs only after an injury has taken place. However, gait analysis is a critical component of enhancing your performance, and the best time to perform the process is before an injury occurs as a preventive …

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Jan 16

RPM2: Our Unique Footbed Products that Address Bilateral Deficiencies

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Invented for athletes—especially cyclists, runners, and triathlon participants, RPM2is a revolutionary system of products that offer unprecedented monitoring and measurement of an athlete’s gait, weight distribution, and range of motion through a ultra-thin insert placed in the shoe. The products’ main objectives are to reveal bilateral deficiencies that affect an athlete’s performance. By revealing bilateral …

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