Apr 02

RPM2 Offers the First Affordable Footbed Power Meter for Cyclists

bikeThe MedHab team is excited to announce the addition of a real-time calibrated power meter for cyclists to our RPM² system. Linked from your footbed inserts to your smartphone, this new RPM² feature requires no extra equipment, unlike other popular—and expensive—products on the market that provide comparable data about your leg power during cycling.

What Is a Power Meter?

A power meter measures your overall leg power, left leg versus right leg power, and cadence during your ride. Instead of measuring the body’s response to a workout, the power meter tells you how much work you actually perform, helping you find the sweet spot between overtraining, which can result in injury, and working too little, which prevents you from achieving maximum benefits. Cycling power meters use special gauges to measure the torque applied as you pedal. These strain gauges are attached to various parts of the bicycle, such as the rear wheel hub, and they typically provide performance feedback on a small computer mounted to the handlebars.

How Does Our Footbed Power Meter Measure Up?

Our RPM² power meter is unique in that it measures torque via shoe inserts, so there is no need to purchase thousands of dollars worth of special computers, wheels, or hubs. The measurement is based on the force you apply to the pedal with your foot, and you can monitor your performance in real time using your phone, adjusting your cadence as necessary to meet your unique training goals. In scientific, side-by-side tests, RPM² showed virtually indistinguishable power values and trends with increased cadence when compared to PowerTap, a prominent power meter that measures torque at the rear wheel hub. Therefore, our innovative footbeds offer essentially the same data to help you train more effectively for a fraction of the cost of the most popular power meters.

We’re constantly working to make improvements to our performance monitoring footbed products with an eye on keeping them affordable and accessible to all serious athletes. To keep up with all of our company’s latest developments, subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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