Apr 14

RPM² Announces New Partnership with RedHub

Last month RPM² partnered with RedHub Cycling, a South African importer of multisport goods and retailer. RedHub’s products are geared to the endurance athlete community and its facilities are located just outside running3Johannesburg. As a result of this partnership, Redhub Cycling will sell our remote performance monitoring systems throughout South Africa.

As with all of our other partnerships including Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. and Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Coaching, we are excited to help more triathletes and cyclists gain access to our products and reap the benefits of achieving bilateral equivalence and measuring power output as conveniently as possible.

The cycling and triathlete community is international. And, for that reason, showcasing our products and technology abroad is a fun and invigorating opportunity for our team. South Africa and its neighboring nations have an incredible community of cyclists and endurance athletes and we are honored to be a part of it.

About RedHub Cycling

RedHub imports some of the world’s leading mountain and road bikes along with all the gear that cyclists and triathletes use. Redhub’s headquarters also feature an in-house cycling studio, a bike set-up studio, and a workshop. Home to a multisport club, RedHub sought out strategic partnerships with other businesses to offer multisport training including aquatic facilities. TheMultisport Club strives to deliver a comprehensive and inclusive approach to multisport training so that local athletes can enjoy the benefits of working with their like-minded peers and gain access to experienced and specialized coaches.

RPM² is happy to provide product education and support to the international endurance athlete community. Stay tuned for more information about our newest partnership by following our blog and social media accounts. We would love for you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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