Feb 15

A Rundown of RPM2’s Partnerships

MJP and RPM2 picSince the invention of our footbeds and subsequent establishment of our company, we have sought out partnerships within the athletic community to help empower athletes and make our proprietary technology more accessible. Our current corporate partnerships include Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. and our athletic partnerships include Dostie Bausch, an Olympic silver medalist, and Lesley Paterson, a two-time Xterra champion.

Michael Johnson Performance, Inc.

In November of 2014, RPM² established a corporate partnership with Michael Johnson Performance (MJP). Operated by Olympian, Michael Johnson, MJP has a team of expert coaches and trainers to help athletes of all ages and skill levels across the world. From working with Brazilian paralympic teams to running sports camps in North Texas, MJP is helping to shape and inspire competitors on a global level. The announcement of our partnership with MJP was an exciting moment for our team and since working with MJP, RPM² footbeds have been put to great use.

Dotsie Bausch

Olympian and silver medalist from the 2012 Olympic Games, Dotsie Bausch has had an illustrious career as a track cyclist and now as a motivational speaker, commentator, and coach. She currently runs a successful personal coaching company. In addition to her work as a coach and commentator, Dotsie Bausch is dedicated to raising awareness for eating disorders by acting as a national ambassador for NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association). Regarding RPM²’s technology, she believes that our devices are “revolutionizing the way we measure power in cycling.”

Lesley Paterson

After a successful career as an accomplished triathlete, Lesley Paterson co-founded Braveheart Coaching, which is based in San Diego. Originally, from Scotland, Lesley Paterson is a three-time world champion in off-road triathlon and an Ironman champion. She utilizes her extensive experience and knack for coaching to help aspiring athletes meet their goals. RPM² is proud to serve as a sponsor and partner to Lesley.

For more information about our company and our products, check out our official website at www.rpm2.com.


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