Feb 22

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RPM² is now officially on Instagram! Social media is a part of our mission to create and foster an online community for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. In addition to our Facebook page, Twitter account, and active YouTube channel, we are thrilled to utilize another medium to reach out to our dedicated clients. Not only do we enjoy engaging with our clients and partners on social media, athletes from all walks of life inspire us by chronicling their dedication to their sport of choice on social network platforms.

In an effort to reach as many athletes as possible, social media helps us improve on our products along with keeping tabs on the latest events and happenings in sports. Our mission is to help athletes of all levels improve their performance by identifying and addressing issues with bilateral equivalence and gait.

Like our Facebook and Twitter accounts, our Instagram page will be a place to see the latest events with RPM² and our affiliates. We encourage you to tag us next time you are out on your favorite trail or preparing for a big race.


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To learn more about the revolutionary technology used in our footbeds, visit our official company website at www.rpm2.com.

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