Feb 19

RPM2 Presents a Free Webinar on Bilateral Equivalency Training

RPM2 is excited to announce our free webinar, “Enhancing Athletic Performance by Focusing on Bi-Lateral Equivalency in Training.” Hosted by USA Triathlon and presented by RPM2 CEO Johnny Ross and licensed physical therapist Jake Spivey, the webinar is designed to help you fully grasp the concept of bilateral equivalency so that you can use it to your advantage in your athletic training.

Objectives of the Bilateral Equivalency Webinar

Our presentation, which is part one in a four-part series covering performance training, has the following aims:

  • Raising awareness of bilateral equivalency and its importance in preventing injury and improving your athletic performance
  • Helping you understand gait analysis and how proper running technique and body mechanics can enhance your performance
  • Explaining how our RPM2 footbed device can detect these issues and help you address deficits in your training

About the Presenters

Johnny Ross is CEO and inventor of RPM2. Prior to inventing the product in 2012, Ross held high-level sales, management, and development positions with well-known organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Ortho Pharmaceuticals. A major reconstructive knee surgery in 2007 prompted Ross’s interest in developing physical therapy devices that use remote technologies, and he subsequently made the leap to use this type of technology in athletics.

A licensed physical therapist in Plano, Texas, Jake Spivey currently treats patients at Sports Care & Rehabilitation and has practiced physical therapy since 1995. A seasoned runner and triathlete, Spivey has a special understanding of what it takes to achieve optimal athletic performance. He works with athletes on the high school, college, and professional level, treating orthopedic injuries and helping athletes improve biomechanics for a better performance.

RPM2 to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Click here to view the free webinar, and visit rpm2.com to learn more about our cutting-edge products and the technology behind them.

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