Apr 09

RPM² Testimonials and Reviews: Mark Maclachlan

markmaclachlanMany innovative products are inspired by adversity, and our revolutionary RPM² footbeds are a perfect example of that. When CEO Johnny Ross underwent reconstructive knee surgery, he saw flaws in the rehabilitation process, the primary problem being the subjective nature of measuring progress during physical therapy, especially when it comes to measuring bilateral symmetry. As a way to provide more objective measurements in a person’s performance, he began working on, and ultimately inventing, our remote performance monitoring footbeds, which have helped elite athletes detect and correct bilateral deficits.

Triathlete Mark Maclachlan has benefited from RPM² in both respects. After earning the distinction of Triathlon All American from USAT on several occasions, Maclachlan aspired to compete on the professional level. However, he discovered that a suspected hip injury was actually a severe form of arthritis and underwent a hip replacement procedure in 2011. Post-surgery, he began the slow, arduous process of triathlon training as soon as he could but knew that he could benefit from our product. Said Maclachlan, “One of the reasons I am so interested in the RPM² insert is that as a cyborg, I have one surgically altered side and one natural side, and my body is not balanced. I think that RPM² will allow me to balance my body and achieve the best results possible both in sport and in life as I learn to live with my artificial hip.”

So far, Maclachlan is impressed with RPM² and our commitment to customer satisfaction. “Upon receipt of the inserts, the CEO reached out to me simply to see how I am doing as a new customer,” he said. “I appreciate a company that listens to their customers and believe this will set the makers of RPM² apart from the competition.”

Maclachlan even offered feedback and ideas to enhance the running exercises, which we have implemented. We are excited to help Mark in his journey toward meeting and exceeding his athletic goals and look forward to updates on his progress.

Our commitment to forging great relationships with our customers and giving them the most effective products on the market means that we are continually seeking ways to make improvements. You can keep up with all of our new developments by subscribing to our blog on the right side of this page. 

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