Mar 20

Dr. Joe Sheppard Evaluates RPM² Footbeds

Last September, we discussed the White Paper published by Dr. Kelly Brooks, a former professor at A&M RPM2-2013AdvertTile100x100greenongreenUniversity, Corpus Christi. In her report, Dr. Brooks evaluated the RPM² inserts and wrote “proper mechanics will also increase performance by increasing running efficiency…Mechanics are key to success in all distances of running events, though improper mechanics during long distance runs will have a increasingly detrimental effect as the runner continues to train and stress their joints.”  Recently, an experienced endurance coach, Dr. Joseph Sheppard, has evaluated and endorsed our products and we are thrilled to share the news.

Joseph Sheppard, D.C., used our products on an athlete and produced his own professional assessment of our RPM² footbeds. Dr. Sheppard stated in his paper that from an endurance coach’s perspective, he believes that identifying and correcting skeletal and muscular imbalances is important promoting smooth and efficient kinetic movement. He likens movement imbalances to the effect misaligned tires have on a vehicle’s performance.

Testing our footbeds on a 49-year old athlete, Dr. Sheppard found that RPM²’s insoles allowed him to monitor his client’s static and dynamic biomechanical movements with ease. The data provided by the RPM² app led to Dr. Sheppard altering his client’s workout regimen and training to improve bilateral equivalence. Within three weeks, the client achieved a significant shift in bilaterally symmetrical movements.

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