Nov 21

Running with Power Podcast: Jim Vance talks RPM2

jim vance coachDuring our visit to Kona for Ironman 2015, RPM² sponsored a seminar with well-known coach, Jim Vance on “Running with Power”. Shortly after returning from Hawaii, Jim Vance joined the Natural Running Network Podcast to delve deeper into his research on power running. To listen to the full podcast, click here.

On the podcast, Jim discussed the potential of power meters. In fact, about four years ago, Jim wrote on his official blog “as soon as we bring power meters into running, every world record will fall.” He believes power meters will transform running, cycling, and other sports because this data can lead to very precise training and coaching, which he states will “revolutionize performance as we know it.” Jim and the podcast’s host, Richard Diaz, discuss the ramifications between the traditional method of analyzing power with heart rate and the potential of technology with power meters. Jim also touches on the applications of RPM²’s power meter technology in coaching. Richard and Jim then go on to discuss the issue of bilateral equivalence and how bilateral deficits will impact performance and even potentially lead to injury. Overall, this insightful podcast demonstrates how technology will be of great benefit to athletes and coaches.

About Jim Vance

Based in San Diego, Jim Vance is a prolific writer and coach. He is a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach. His background in competition includes an Ironman PR of 8:37:09. Jim is a two-time XTERRA and ITU World Champion.

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