Mar 17

More Free Webinars from RPM2 and USA Triathlon

bikeAs we discussed in January, RPM2  began its webinar series with USA Triathlon. As the official footbed partner with the organization, our team cares deeply about helping athletes enhance their athletic performance by achieving bi-lateral equivalence. In addition to inventing the revolutionary RPM system, MedHab, LLC collaborates with industry professionals, physical therapists, trainers, and doctors when presenting information to the public regarding the importance of bi-lateral equivalence and how bi-lateral deficits can negatively affect an athlete’s performance.


An Overview of Our 2nd Webinar


Our second webinar, which aired on February 25th, featured discussions with Rebecca Kurtz, an exercise physiologist and triathlon coach who holds USAT Level I Certification and Jake Spivey, a physical therapist at Sports Care & Rehabilitation in Plano, Texas. This webinar’s main objectives were to discuss the importance of diagnosing bi-lateral deficiencies and tracking improvement along with providing training tips. To listen to this free webinar, click here.


Information on Our Upcoming Webinar


On March 20, our third installment of our four-series webinar will air on the USA Triathlon website. This webinar will feature our CEO and inventor, Johnny Ross along with Dr. Prak Bhakta and Sylvester Stemley. Dr. Bhatka is an experienced chiropractor who focuses his practice on assisting athletes in training and those overcoming injuries. Mr. Stemley is a master trainer and corrective exercise specialist who also works in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This webinar will discuss various mechanical assessments related to achieving bi-lateral equivalence that aid in improving athletic performance. Be sure to bookmark this site for access to this webinar by clicking here.


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