Jan 20

5 Benefits of Winter Training for Cyclists and Triathletes

Many endurance athletes forego training in the winter for various reasons. Some may need the much-needed break while others feetfind themselves too busy with Holiday traveling. For those that do want to continue training throughout the winter, there are some obvious benefits to taking a year-round approach, even during the sometimes-harsh winter months. Following are a few insights from our team at RPM².


Beyond the obvious benefits of maintaining strength with year-round training, winter training can actually increase strength and stamina. This is because your gear and clothing will be heavier. Layers and bulky clothes that help protect you from the elements will add weight that will ultimately help you build muscle and strength over time.

Weather Acclimation

Winter training will make you tougher because you will have to acclimate to harsh weather. Powering through freezing temperatures and snow provides a new perspective of your fortitude—especially when you hit the trails in nicer, balmy weather in the spring.

Improved Immunity

Studies show that those who stay active during the winter are less likely to catch common sicknesses like the cold or flu. This is becausetraining boosts your immunity.

Alone Time on Trails Can Promote a Healthy Mindset

When others are feeling the winter blues or feeling depressed due to a lack of sunlight, the release of endorphins that accompanies training along with solitude that comes with cycling or running is good for mental health. Time to reflect and endorphins will help stave off anxiety and depression.

Exploring New Trails and Circuits

Snow and ice may close off your favorite trails. While this may seem like a bummer, it’s actually a blessing. When your go-to trails are unavailable, you get the opportunity to deviate from your regular routine and explore. Finding new places to train will liven up your routine and even give you something to look forward to.

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