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RPM2 Success Story: Valerie Gattis, Level 2 Triathlon Coach

Innovative foot bed power meter, RPM2, offers groundbreaking tools to athletes beyond running and cycling power data

logo_full_sizeRPM² is the first remote technology device that offers efficiency and symmetry for athletes, which can lead to injury mitigation and higher performance.  Level 2 Triathlon coach, Valerie Gattis tells her incredible story of success using RPM² remote technology.

Coach Valerie Gattis’ Testimonial and Review

“As a coach, I find I am now concentrating as much on the mechanics of my athletes as I do on their physical training and psyches. In the past, I was limited to observation to study physical efficiency; specifically gait analysis which impacts form and efficiency in a runner and can have impact in other areas as well, injury prevention being at the top of the list. Last year I began to look more closely at how I might add gait analysis to my coaching and became interested in RPM² and their pressure-sensitive insoles as an affordable and extremely effective device for precise measurement. I had a specific athlete in mind, who I knew could be a top-performing triathlete but who had a series of injuries that led me to believe that her mechanics needed analysis and improvement.

I purchased the RPM² insoles in July 2015 and did some initial testing on myself and my husband, an avid cyclist, to establish a benchmark. In February 2016, I took the insoles and tested my athlete for some initial range-of-motion diagnostics. The effect was immediate. Her ankle flexion was “0” on both feet and she suffered attendant hip flexor issues and taut hamstring muscles. Clearly she needed physical therapy and we now had the information needed for a rigorous and focused PT regimen.

In swimming, she had been limited in her stroke due to the absence of ankle flexion, and since has improved from 1:43/100 yard to averaging 1:39/100 yard in practice. The use of proper mechanics also increased her running efficiency and economy, a key element of the long distance triathlete. From a “competitive” age group triathlete, she has now become a dominant competitor!

I am convinced that all my athletes will benefit from RPM² as an effective alternative to expensive diagnostics and will help identify mechanical issues that may lead injury prevention, with appropriate therapy and training, rather than waiting until after the fact. Just as important, learning how to be a more efficient athlete will have an impact on their performance and that, in turn, positively reinforces the athletic experience.”

About RPM²

RPM² pioneered the force based foot-bed training device that measures both running and cycling power, as well as assesses symmetry of the athlete. RPM² is predicated on assessing symmetry affording coaches and athletes the ability to augment training regimens to achieve greater performance and efficiency. Although RPM² does not correct asymmetry in athletes, it does provide data that can be used in corrective coaching or physical therapy, and it is corrective coaching and physical therapy that can lead to injury mitigation. RPM² offers a thin pair of insoles that operates with Android and iOS smart phones and is ANT+, and .FIT compatible that can upload directly to Training Peaks.

RPM² is manufactured by MedHab, LLC, a privately held athletic and medical device company focused on the development of unique rehabilitative and sport-enhancing tools. The wireless smart insole tracking system technology was originally developed for MedHab’s medical device to remotely monitor patients undergoing physical therapy for leg injuries. RPM²offers a thin pair of insoles that operates with Android and iOS smart phones that is .FIT compatible and can upload directly to Training Peaks.RPM² is also ANT+ compatible via the smart phone and will soon launch another version that directly speaks to ANT+ devices without the smart device. Johnny Ross, CEO and inventor, states “we are currently working on direct communication between our inserts and ANT+ devices. When completed, this new feature will be a FREE upload to all of our customers.”

Order RPM² at just $499 and receive a signed copy of Jim Vance’s “Run with Power” book before this limited offering ends.  www.rpm2.com

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