Feb 01

Helpful Videos from the RPM2 YouTube Channel

If you currently own a pair of RPM² footbeds or are considering buying them, our official YouTube channel will be a valuable resource for you. Our channel has everything from product descriptions and testimonials fromrpm2 footbed app dash real coaches and athletes to exercise demonstrations. We created our YouTube channel with our loyal customers in mind. As part of our mission to offer excellent customer service, YouTube allows us to help RPM² users get the most out of our products.

We recently posted a series of videos to demonstrate certain exercises like heel raises and hip extensions paired with sample dashboard readings from the RPM² app to show how coaches and customers can perform movements and utilize the data gathered from specific exercises to determine one’s level of bilateral equivalence.

For instance, we have embedded the toe raise exercise demo and related dashboard videos below for reference.

In addition to our demonstrations, you can see athletes and coaches in action using and talking about the RPM² footbeds. These videos are helpful to those considering purchasing our products. Below is a testimonial from Olympic champion, Michael Johnson who also owns and operates Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., a company with which we have established a partnership.

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