Jun 04

RPM² Testimonial: Lance Walker

lance_walkerSince announcing RPM²’s partnership with Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., countless athletes and coaches have tried out our revolutionary footbeds. Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. (MJP) is home to some of the most talented and knowledgeable coaches in the industry. MJP provides training and camps on a worldwide scale and has helped scores of athletes achieve Olympic and professional accolades.


Lance Walker of MJP was kind enough to share his impression of RPM² footbeds and how he believes our products are a great investment for athletes of all kinds—including those who cycle, run, and compete in triathlons. Lance Walker currently serves as the global performance director at Michael Johnson Performance. He has over two decades experience in performance training as well as a strong background in sports medicine and rehabilitation sciences. Through MJP, Lance Walker has worked directly with athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and PGA. He also works with Texas-based teams including FC Dallas and the Dallas Stars.


On RPM², Lance Walker iterated the importance of bilateral equivalence when it comes to efficient and effective biomechanical performance. He stated, “As a performance coach at any level, symmetry is something we strive for, symmetry is something we look for. How close to balanced are our athletes.”


Regarding Lance’s opinion of RPM² and our products’ ability to provide measurable data, he said:

For the first time in the history of performance training, we now have access to a heads up display, in real time, that gives us, and our athletes an unfair advantage in measuring bilateral equivalence, and it is RPM2. Without RPM2 it is guess work.  RPM² is the first technology to give you the coach, and you the athlete, real-time heads up display, of bilateral equivalency.


To see Lance Walker’s full testimonial, check out the video below.


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