Sep 15

RPM²: The Every Day Insert

Did you know that RPM² makes a footbed for daily use? The RPM² Every Day Insert is designed to help cushion the pressure of daily rpm2 footbed app dashworkouts—from running and speed training to cycling—by providing a seamless and comfortable transition between use of our RPM² devices. Made from the same materials as our remote performance monitoring footbeds, this daily insert gives our valued customers the same  feel and comfort as our RPM² Cycling, Running, and Triathlete devices.

Why Use the Every Day Insert

We use only the highest quality materials when making our footbeds. These medical-grade materials are not only long lasting but comfortable. On days where our Running, Cycling, or Triathlete systems are not used, the Every Day Insert is perfect for enhancing the comfort of any athletic shoe. Like our performance monitoring devices, these inserts are thin and suitable for daily use. The major difference, of course, is the fact that the daily inserts do not have our ultra-sensitive sensors used for collecting data.

Using the Every Day Insert is beneficial because it allows our customers to enjoy familiarity and uniformity so that when it comes to using our devices to measure bilateral equivalence and gait analysis, there is no difference in the feel, function, and comfort of footwear.

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