Oct 07

RPM2 Visits Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship

Keith Hill setting up the RPM2 booth at Ironman 2015.

Keith Hill setting up the RPM2 booth at Ironman 2015.

Aloha! Our team at RPM² is currently in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii soaking up the incredible views, talking with Ironman competitors, and demonstrating our revolutionary footbeds to athletes from around the world. Our retail manager, Keith Hill will be at our corporate booth until this Saturday, October 10th. All our welcome to stop by, say hello, or ask questions about our products. We are thrilled to be a part of this historic event. In addition to a booth, we have sponsored a presentation by Jim Vance—one of the top endurance sports coaches in the United States.

About the Ironman World Championship

The Ironman World Championship beckons some of the world’s best endurance athletes year after year. This prestigious competition combines the most grueling endurance sports: running, swimming, and cycling. In the late 1970s, the Ironman competition began in Waikiki with 15 competitors. The initial goal was to determine who, among the swimmers, the runners, and the bikers, was the toughest. Ever since its inception, the competition has grown to host global events and athletes from nearly every corner of the world.

About RPM²

RPM² stands for remote performance monitoring. We offer innovative footbed inserts that measure gait, bilateral equivalence, and weight distribution. Our ultra-thin yet durable footbeds contain state-of-the-art sensors that collect data on movement and performance. This data is then sent to a smartphone App where athletes and coaches can use this information to adjust training and movement to improve performance. Our triathlete and cycling models of our inserts also feature a built-in power meter.

We believe in supporting the endurance athlete community with the highest quality products that use the latest technology to help athletes make the most of their hard work.

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