Mar 11

Calibrating Your RPM2 Footbed Products

Do you know how to calibrate your RPM2 products when you receive them? Calibrating your footbeds is important RPM2-2013AdvertTile100x100greenongreento achieving accurate monitoring results. Because our footbed systems are designed for customization, each individual user must calibrate their inserts. Fortunately, this process only takes ten seconds.

After downloading our mobile app, you should calibrate your footbeds before performing our preset exercises that measure your gait, cadence, and step time, which will ultimately be used to effectively measure your bilateral equivalence. The RPM2  system is designed to measure bilateral equivalence by analyzing the symbiotic relationship between a variety of mechanical movements.

Steps for Calibrating Your Inserts

·         Touch the start button on your phone or mobile device’s RPM2 application

·         Stand still for five seconds

·         Lift your right leg for two seconds after your initial five seconds of standing

·         Drop your right leg back to the ground

·         Lift your left leg for two seconds

·         Drop your left leg and resume your two-footed standing position

·         Hit stop on your app to finish the initial calibration.

Click here to view our step-by-step tutorial on calibrating your RPM2 system from our CEO, Johnny Ross on YouTube.

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