Dec 20

Welcome to the RPM2 Blog

The team at RPM2 is happy to launch our new blog, which is aimed at educating and connecting with the users of running5our revolutionary new products that help enhance the performances of runners, team athletes, cyclists, and triathletes. In future posts, you can expect to learn more about the creation of RPM2, the inventors of the products, eating for optimal performance, injury prevention, training tips, and numerous other topics that can help you achieve your athletic goals.

Fostering an Interactive Environment for Runners and Athletes

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the satisfied users of our products, and that is why our top priority is to foster great relationships with the athletic community. We want to make this blog an interactive space in which professional and collegiate athletes can learn from us and one another to achieve peak performances. Endorsed by USA Triathlon, we welcome the full spectrum of athletes to participate in the community.

The RPM2 System

Our innovative RPM2 system consists of a pair of insoles that measure your gait, pressure, and range of motion as you perform. Reports are generated via an Android or iOS app and help you determine what adjustments need to be made in order to achieve a better performance. Recommended for weekly use, the technology lets you know from week to week how much closer you are to achieving bi-lateral equivalence, which is the ultimate goal to help you perform optimally.

Secure Payment Methods for Your Peace of Mind

When you order the products from our website, you can rest easy knowing that we employ the highest levels of encryption and security available to keep your sensitive payment information safe. Using the trusted Authorize.net payment gateway, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover and offer full phone support at 855-478-2564.

Contact Us to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

To get started on the path to the best performance of your life, check out the RPM2 product selection on our website today. We always welcome your questions and comments, so feel free to call us at 855-478-2564 or use the secure RPM2 contact form.

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