May 20

The RPM² Team Visits Mirinda Carfrae’s Elite Training Camp

Last week, our team demonstrated our footbeds at Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae’s Elite Training Camp in Boulder, Colorado. Our CEO, Johnny Ross along with our retail market manager, Keith Hill were thrilled to share our devices with world class athletes. Mirinda Carfrae is an Australian professional triathlete. She is a three-time Ironman World Champion and a two-time silver medalist of the ITU Triathlon World Championships. As a record-setting athlete, Mirinda Carfrae continues to compete while also devoting her time to training and motivating other aspiring triathletes.

RPM2 CEO Johnny Ross and Retail Manager Keith Hill with Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae

RPM2 CEO Johnny Ross and Retail Manager Keith Hill with Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae


Mirinda Carfrae’s Elite Training Camp is a 5-day event that helps triathletes improve all aspects of their performance including speed and endurance. Mirinda Carfrae and guest, Siri Lindley shared their insight on the “mental game” of endurance performing as well. Attendees of the camp enjoy one-on-one time with Mirinda Carfrae and her guests.


During this year’s camp, Johnny Ross and Keith Hill demonstrated the benefits of our devices, provided instruction on how to interpret the RPM² dashboard app, and explained the value and accuracy of the RPM² cycling power meter. In fact, our power meter is the first affordable footbed power meter available to cyclists. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with such dedicated and inspirational athletes. We believe that empowering and educating athletes is paramount to improving biomechanical movements as well as overall performance. When visiting events, we take an educational approach to helping athletes gain insight on important performance factors like bilateral equivalence, gait, and foot striking.

RPM2's Keith Hill working with an athlete at Mirinda Carfrae's Training Camp.

RPM2’s Keith Hill working with an athlete at Mirinda Carfrae’s Training Camp.


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