Dec 23

RPM2 Testimonials: Heather Lendway

Feedback from our client coaches and athletes is incredibly important to our team at RPM². We take complimentary information as well as heather_lendwaysuggestions very seriously. What our clients, partners, and customers have to say about our products helps our team deliver the best customer service, data, and technology possible. We also know that those who are interested in trying our products rely on accurate information from their fellow runners, cyclists, and triathletes. For these reasons, our official website, www.rpm2.com has a page dedicated to testimonials from coaches and decorated athletes. Today, we are highlighting a testimonial from Heather Lendway, a champion triathlete.

About Heather Lendway

Heather Lendway is an accomplished triathlete. From Minnesota, she has competed in events throughout the Midwest and in Edmonton, Canada. In 2014 alone, Heather performed in over 15 competitions earning first and second place. She earned 1st place in the Chain of Lakes Triathlon, the Blaine Triathlon, the Pigman Triathlon, Trinona, and the YMCA Women’s Triathlon.

Her recent honors include an honorable mention for the USAT Female Triathlete of the Year and Female Overall Champion for the USAT Olympic Distance National Championships. She is Minnesota’s Triathlete of the Year as well.

What Heather Has to Say about RPM2

Using our RPM² inserts on a regular basis in her training, Heather aims to track her efforts to achieve and maintain bilateral symmetry. She stated that the technology in our footbeds will “be useful to see if there are major differences in what my left leg is doing versus my right while cycling and running.”

To read more testimonials from athletes like Heather or from industry-vetted coaches, visit our testimonials page on our official website. We have recently uploaded an array of instructional videos on YouTube to help our clients get the most from RPM² products.

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