Jul 20

RPM2 Testimonial: Randall Pfaff

Now that RPM² devices are used across the United States, Latin America, and Europe, more professional coaches randall pfaffand trainers have had a chance to test out our technology and products. Randall Pfaff, owner of Core Progression Elite Personal Training is another dedicated coach and trainer who uses and endorses RPM² footbeds. Based in Arvada, Colorado, Randall Pfaff is an industry leader when it comes to fitness instruction. He works with athletes from diverse backgrounds in various physical disciplines.

After using RPM², Randall Pfaff believes that our products are instrumental in monitoring the performance of runners, cyclists, and triathlon competitors. Since our devices can analyze gait, step time, and weight distribution, coaches can easily identify issues with bilateral equivalence, adjust training to improve performance, and track improvements on a frequent basis. In his own words, Randall states “RPM² has helped my athletes find weakness in their performance where otherwise would not have been found if not for the technology from the RPM² inserts. I put my stamp of approval on this brand.”

About Randall Pfaff

Randall is lauded as a strength and conditioning specialist as well as a running expert. He holds training certifications from the fitness industry’s most prestigious credentialing organizations including the NASM, NSCA, and the ACSM. At Core Progression Elite Training, Randall trains athletes of all ages and skill levels and manages a team of dedicated training professionals. If you would like to learn more about Core Progression, click here to visit the company’s official website.

You can read more testimonials as well as videos on RPM²’s website and blog. We offer convenient online shopping through our secure webstore where you can set up an account with ease. Since we value our loyal customers, we offer a rewards program as well as an affiliate program.

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