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rpm2 footbed app dashWhen compared to other products on the market and the various uses for RPM², our revolutionary remote performance monitoring devices are incredibly affordable. Whenever possible, we utilize measures that increase our productivity and efficiency to keep our great products at an affordable price. In the past, our penchant for streamlining our production methods has resulted in our ability to reduce the price of RPM² inserts.  Increased distribution and sales have also helped our company lower overhead.

Enjoy Major Savings on RPM²

In light of our recent partnerships, we are making RPM² more accessible than ever before with a limited time offer! For a limited time, we are offering $100 off the RPM² system, which includes proprietary technology to perform gait analysis and test for bilateral equivalence along with the world’s first force-based footbed power meter built in to the insert itself.

The first 500 customers to purchase RPM² from today forward are eligible for this one-time only promotion. When purchasing RPM² from our secure webstore, simply enter RPM2POWERin the discount code box. Our discount codes are case-sensitive so be sure to enter the code in all capital letters.

RPM² is ideal for any athlete—especially those in endurance sports such as marathons, cycling, and triathlons. If you want to real-time metrics to measure your performance and power output without bulky, non-interchangeable machinery, our product is the best device for you.

Act fast so that you can enjoy this rare opportunity to receive your RPM² system at a historically low price.

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Apr 14

RPM² Announces New Partnership with RedHub

Last month RPM² partnered with RedHub Cycling, a South African importer of multisport goods and retailer. RedHub’s products are geared to the endurance athlete community and its facilities are located just outside running3Johannesburg. As a result of this partnership, Redhub Cycling will sell our remote performance monitoring systems throughout South Africa.

As with all of our other partnerships including Michael Johnson Performance, Inc. and Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Coaching, we are excited to help more triathletes and cyclists gain access to our products and reap the benefits of achieving bilateral equivalence and measuring power output as conveniently as possible.

The cycling and triathlete community is international. And, for that reason, showcasing our products and technology abroad is a fun and invigorating opportunity for our team. South Africa and its neighboring nations have an incredible community of cyclists and endurance athletes and we are honored to be a part of it.

About RedHub Cycling

RedHub imports some of the world’s leading mountain and road bikes along with all the gear that cyclists and triathletes use. Redhub’s headquarters also feature an in-house cycling studio, a bike set-up studio, and a workshop. Home to a multisport club, RedHub sought out strategic partnerships with other businesses to offer multisport training including aquatic facilities. TheMultisport Club strives to deliver a comprehensive and inclusive approach to multisport training so that local athletes can enjoy the benefits of working with their like-minded peers and gain access to experienced and specialized coaches.

RPM² is happy to provide product education and support to the international endurance athlete community. Stay tuned for more information about our newest partnership by following our blog and social media accounts. We would love for you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Apr 07

Watch What our Partners and Sponsors Say About RPM2

If you have been following our blog and social media, it’s no surprise that RPM² devices are worn by some of the best athletes in the world. It’s also no surprise that renowned coaches use our technology to help their athletes increase speed and improve performance. Now that our RPM² devices boast the first footbed-based power meters, our products have even broader applications for competitors in every sport.

In our newest video, you will hear from our partners Michael Johnson of MJP, Inc., MJP Coach Lance Walker, and Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch.

Highlights from our Partners and Sponsors

When discussing the benefits of the RPM² power meter, Dotsie Bausch drove home the benefits of portability with a footbed-based power meter. When compared to other power meter systems, RPM² is lightweight and perfect for travel. Moreover, it can be used on any bike unlike some other power meter systems, which are fitted to a specific bike. Since our technology measures power from various sources, RPM² can help pinpoint where power is generated and in turn, help cyclists determine where to place the cleat on a cycling shoe for optimal performance.

Our video features a testimonial from one of our sponsored athletes, Lesley Paterson. A three-time Xterra champion and coach, Lesley Paterson discusses the benefits of using the RPM² on all her bikes. A long time user of power meters, Lesley prefers RPM²’s portable nature along with its proprietary technology. RPM²’s user-friendly power meter allows Lesley to train with our power meters on mountain bikes and road bikes without having to use different equipment and systems. Not only does she use our systems for cycling and running, she uses RPM² to help the athletes she coaches through her company, Braveheart Fitness.

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Mar 31

RPM2: Latest News From the Cylance Pro Team

logo_full_sizeAs an official sponsor and partner with the Cylance Pro Team, RPM² is happy to share what these incredible athletes have been up to. The team has been busy participating in races and traveling across Europe. Following are highlights from their latest endeavors.

 Trofeo Alfredo Binda in Cittiglio, Italy

As the third event in the Cylance Women’s World Tour, the Trofeo Alfredo Finda will feature cyclists Shelley Olds (USA), Rosselaa Ratto (ITA), Alison Tetrick (USA), Sheyla Gutierrez (ESP), Doris Schweizer (SUI), and Rachele Barbieri (ITA).

What makes Trofeo Binda a unique race is its very steep climbs that test even the best climbing cyclists. The race is 123.3km long and its steep, hilly locale is arguably one of the toughest races for professional cyclists, a challenge that the Cylance Team welcomes.

Ronde Van Drenthe

The second Women’s World Tour event was held in the Netherlands. The Ronde Van Drenthe is a 138.3km trek that winds through the hills and climbs of Hoogeveen. Cylance’s Shelley Olds earned a 6th place victory and was the highest-placing cyclist from the United States.

Strade Bianche

The first event of the Cylance Pro World Tour kicked off with the Strade Bianche race. Cylance’s Shelley Olds finished in 17th place. Rosella Ratto earned a 25th place and Sheyla Gutierrrez finished at 44th. Strade Bianche is notoriously difficult. In fact, a third of the competitors were unable to even finish the race. The reason Strade Bianche is so challenging is that the 121km event features 2000m of climbing along with steep and patchy dirt and gravel trails.

Stay tuned for more news from our sponsored athletes by subscribing to our blog or following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. RPM² is dedicated to giving back to the athletic community by supporting runners, cyclists, and triathletes around the world.

Mar 25

Cylance Partnership Offers Savings on RPM2 Footbeds

Rossella Ratto, Italy, placing an RPM2 footbed into her shoe.

Rossella Ratto, Italy, placing an RPM2 footbed into her shoe.

On February 23rd, we announced our official partnership with the Cylance Pro Cycling team. Since joining forces with the team, RPM² has had the opportunity to sponsor these phenomenal athletes and watch them make great strides in their performances. All Cylance team members have tested out our products and our revolutionary footbeds have become a part of their training regimen. As our company grows, we couldn’t be happier with our athlete outreach efforts.

Since the announcement, Cylance and RPM² fans can purchase our remote performance monitoring devices with a discount. When buying any of our RPM² systems on our secure webstore, enter in the promotional code “CYLANCE” in all capital letters to enjoy a $50 discount. This promotional code is valid until June 1, 2016!

Omer Kem Owner of Cylance Pro Cycling on RPM²

The Cylance Pro Cycling team is owned and managed by Omer Kem. Before establishing our partnership, Omer had the opportunity to learn about our products directly from our CEO, Johnny Ross. When discussing the benefits and uses of RPM² for the Cylance team, Kem said “Cylance Pro Cycling is very excited to work RPM2 in developing its innovative product…Our athletes have access to a fantastic tool for improving as cyclists, and in turn RPM2 receives the feedback of professional cyclists they need to further their cutting edge foot beds.”

Explore Our Other Partnerships and Sponsorships

If you want to know more about what coaches and respected athletes have to say about our devices, head over to our partnerships page on our website by clicking here. Some of our partners and sponsors include Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., Dotsie Bausch, and Lesley Paterson.

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Mar 24

The Natural Running Network Applauds RPM² Inserts’ Technology

rpm2 footbed app dashIn a blog post and subsequent podcast titled “The Next BIG DEAL in Training Technology”, the Natural Running Network and podcast host, Richard Diaz discusses the potential and effectiveness of RPM² footbeds and technology—specifically the fact that the RPM² system provides the world’s first footbed power meter for runners. Richard Diaz discussed how RPM² inserts can be of great benefit to runners and other endurance athletes with Johnny Ross, our founder and CEO.

An Overview of the Podcast

The podcast opens with host, Richard Diaz discussing how RPM² can be of use to both short-distance runners and endurance athletes striving to compete in an Ironman or complete a 100-mile trek. Richard Diaz, an expert in gait correction himself, has a great understanding of what our devices have to offer the athletic community.

One of Richard Diaz’s favorite features of RPM² is the instantaneous feedback our devices provide. Johnny expands on this notion by discussing how 70% of endurance athletes incur injuries each year and many of these injuries occur when an athlete’s mechanics break down during performance—meaning that the force exerted from each side of the body is unequal. Addressing mechanical breakdowns with reliable and wearable technology could prevent injury in addition to improving movement and performance.

Johnny Ross and Richard Diaz discuss the data that is collected by the RPM² triathlete and running systems and how that data is used to help coaches and trainers make adjustments in training to promote movement that is more fluid. Additionally, the revolutionary concept of having a footbed power meter was discussed. Below, we have linked the podcast so that you can listen to it in its entirety.

The Natural Running Network – The Next BIG DEAL in Training Technology

About The Natural Running Network

Richard Diaz, a California-based sports performance adviser is the founder of The Natural Running Network and owns Diaz Human Performance. His professional experience includes clinical sport specific diagnostics, providing services such as video analysis and gait correction for runners and endurance athletes. His weekly Natural Running Network podcast has amassed over one million downloads. To learn more, visit www.naturalrunningnetwork.com.

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Mar 16

Cycling Weekly Features RPM2’s Power Meter

runningA number of news outlets, podcasters, bloggers, and coaches have featured our products this Spring and we could not be more enthused. The buzz surrounding RPM² has to do with the fact that more athletes and coaches have been exposed to what our products have to offer. Leaders in the endurance athlete community are thrilled that not only do our footbeds provide gait analysis and other data to measure bilateral equivalence but also that our running and triathlete systems offer built-in power meters.

What Cycling Weekly Thinks of Our Power Meter

Published on February 25, 2016, the article’s author Henry Robertshaw wrote, “The RPM² power meter certainly stands out from its competitors in the way it measures power”, Robertshaw is referring to the fact that our power meter measures force going through the footbeds, inside the shoe. This feature, among others, is what makes our device so extraordinary when compared to other wearable technology on the market.

Robertshaw goes on to discuss our footbeds’ compatibility with ANT+ and .Fit as well as the user friendly nature of our official app. Lastly, Cycling Weekly mentions the affordable price of our devices, which is something of which we are quite proud. Our goal was to develop state of the art technology that offers longevity and quality without breaking the bank.

If you would like to read the full article, click here.

Connect with RPM² on Social Media

RPM² is a proud sponsor of many well-known and accomplished endurance athletes. We recently added the Cylance Pro Cycling team to our sponsorship roster. The Cylance team will be using our devices throughout their 2016 tour. Our social media accounts are a great place to track our athletes’ progress and stay in the know on the latest happenings with our products and promotional programs.

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Mar 10

Power Meters: RPM2 CEO, Johnny Ross Featured on Training Bible Podcast

Johnny Ross Head ShotOn February 4th, our CEO, Johnny Ross joined Adam Zucco and Scott Iott on the Training Bible’s podcast to discuss how RPM² works and how it can be of benefit to athletes. If you would like to listen to the entire podcast, click here.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to discuss the importance of fluid biomechanical movement and how achieving bilateral equivalence can enhance performance, our team members are more than happy to give their insight. Whether it is attending a sporting event such as Ironman or joining in a discussion with coaches and training experts, we make room in our busy schedules to provide product education and support to new and potential customers alike.

An Overview of the Podcast with Johnny Ross

The podcast focused on how RPM² works, a brief rundown of the product’s revolutionary technology, and how using RPM² inserts can benefit athletes. Johnny Ross discussed the built-in power meter function as well as the origin story behind the invention of our footbeds.

Essentially, Adam and Scott inquired about the type of data collected by the footbeds and how our product’s ultra-sensitive force sensors collect the data. Johnny Ross explained that the power meter function assesses power bilaterally and collectively in relation to cadence to generate data for “how” an athlete runs. This data then provides an opportunity to gain speed in training by making adjustments.

Four force sensors in each RPM² insert collect data. The sensors are divided into four quadrants that correspond with four quadrants of the foot. After the force sensors are calibrated to the individual athlete, they can measure vertical and horizontal power. Aside from aggregating data on power, RPM² inserts provide gait analysis by measuring variables such as sequential force strike, flight time, and contact time in each foot. This data can reveal breakdowns in biomechanical movement over the course of a run. If a breakdown in movement occurs, training can be adjusted and monitored to improve performance and speed.

About The Training Bible Podcast

The Training Bible podcast has aired since 2008. Adam Zucco and Scott Iott host coaches, product representatives, elite trainers, and professional athletes to discuss the latest news and innovations that affect triathletes.

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Feb 26

RPM²: More from the Cylance Team Camp

rpm2 footbed app dashIn a previous post, we highlighted the Cylance Pro Cycling team’s recent sponsorship summit and team camp. Cylance Inc., and Inspire Sports, LLC sponsor the Cylance Pro Cycling team. In addition to competing on an international level, the team travels throughout the world to inspire and motivate budding athletes, adolescents, and adults. During the team camp, the cycling team was all given a set of RPM² footbeds to try.

After wearing and calibrating the inserts, team members then used our mobile app to test out our revolutionary cycling power meter and explore their levels of bilateral symmetry.

Below is a video of the Cylance team trying out our inserts.

Cylance team during their 1 hr ride using RPM2!

A video posted by RPM2 (@rpm2inserts) on

The Importance of Bilateral Equivalence

While RPM² has long been promoting the idea of incorporating measureable data on bilateral equivalence into training regimens, the notion of bilateral symmetry and its importance on performance is beginning to become more widely known.

Achieving bilateral equivalence has great applications for all types of athletes. Essentially, achieving and maintaining bilateral symmetry will help increase speed and promote fluid biomechanical movements. This is incredibly important for endurance athletes and those overcoming previous injuries.

As a company dedicated to helping athletes achieve results and overcome performance plateaus, we were thrilled to show our technology to the Cylance team along with the myriad of other athletes we have worked with.

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Feb 22

Follow RPM2 on Instagram!

RPM² is now officially on Instagram! Social media is a part of our mission to create and foster an online community for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. In addition to our Facebook page, Twitter account, and active YouTube channel, we are thrilled to utilize another medium to reach out to our dedicated clients. Not only do we enjoy engaging with our clients and partners on social media, athletes from all walks of life inspire us by chronicling their dedication to their sport of choice on social network platforms.

In an effort to reach as many athletes as possible, social media helps us improve on our products along with keeping tabs on the latest events and happenings in sports. Our mission is to help athletes of all levels improve their performance by identifying and addressing issues with bilateral equivalence and gait.

Like our Facebook and Twitter accounts, our Instagram page will be a place to see the latest events with RPM² and our affiliates. We encourage you to tag us next time you are out on your favorite trail or preparing for a big race.


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