Mar 24

The Natural Running Network Applauds RPM² Inserts’ Technology

rpm2 footbed app dashIn a blog post and subsequent podcast titled “The Next BIG DEAL in Training Technology”, the Natural Running Network and podcast host, Richard Diaz discusses the potential and effectiveness of RPM² footbeds and technology—specifically the fact that the RPM² system provides the world’s first footbed power meter for runners. Richard Diaz discussed how RPM² inserts can be of great benefit to runners and other endurance athletes with Johnny Ross, our founder and CEO.

An Overview of the Podcast

The podcast opens with host, Richard Diaz discussing how RPM² can be of use to both short-distance runners and endurance athletes striving to compete in an Ironman or complete a 100-mile trek. Richard Diaz, an expert in gait correction himself, has a great understanding of what our devices have to offer the athletic community.

One of Richard Diaz’s favorite features of RPM² is the instantaneous feedback our devices provide. Johnny expands on this notion by discussing how 70% of endurance athletes incur injuries each year and many of these injuries occur when an athlete’s mechanics break down during performance—meaning that the force exerted from each side of the body is unequal. Addressing mechanical breakdowns with reliable and wearable technology could prevent injury in addition to improving movement and performance.

Johnny Ross and Richard Diaz discuss the data that is collected by the RPM² triathlete and running systems and how that data is used to help coaches and trainers make adjustments in training to promote movement that is more fluid. Additionally, the revolutionary concept of having a footbed power meter was discussed. Below, we have linked the podcast so that you can listen to it in its entirety.

The Natural Running Network – The Next BIG DEAL in Training Technology

About The Natural Running Network

Richard Diaz, a California-based sports performance adviser is the founder of The Natural Running Network and owns Diaz Human Performance. His professional experience includes clinical sport specific diagnostics, providing services such as video analysis and gait correction for runners and endurance athletes. His weekly Natural Running Network podcast has amassed over one million downloads. To learn more, visit www.naturalrunningnetwork.com.

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