Jul 20

RPM² Featured on Triathlete.com

rpm2 footbed app dashOn July 6th, our footbeds were evaluated by writer, Evan Rudd of Triathlete.com. In his spotlight on our products, Rudd discussed our many helpful features including RPM² Cycling’s and RPM² Triathlete’s built-in power meters along with our insole’s ability to measure weight distribution, step time, and cadence help determine an athlete’s level of bilateral equivalence.

What Triathlete.com Has to Say about RPM²

In his write up, Rudd states, “When used in cycling mode, the insoles provide power data for each leg and can even identify if your foot is pronating or supinating through your pedal stroke. There are several advantages to an insole-based power system (over a hub- or crank-based power meter), such as the ability to easily swap the inserts between shoes.” Like many other fitness writers, coaches, and trainers, Rudd acknowledges the benefits of an affordable power meter for triathletes and cyclists that is portable and easy to use.

Regarding our products’ data on performance, Rudd wrote “RPM² also has run functionality, which measures ground contact time, flight time, cadence and sequential force strike, which shows where you land on your foot as well as how much you pronate. The insoles measure bilateral range of motion to analyze ankle dorsiflexion, knee extension and hip flexion and extension.”

RPM² Anticipates Tech Needs of Triathletes

After evaluating our footbeds, the author pointed out a feature that he would ultimately like to see: ANT+ connectivity in addition to our user-friendly mobile app. Fortuitously enough, our tech team has been in the process of including ANT+and .Fit compatibility with our footbeds for a few months now. ANT+ and .Fit compatibility should be available within a month or two and will be free to download for existing customers as well as new customers.

Our team would also like to note that our products prices have been reduced substantially. In fact, we have slashed the prices of all footbed systems by $100 because we were able to reduce our manufacturing costs.

We are happy to announce that RPM² is more affordable than ever and our team is always striving meet the needs of our technologically savvy clients.

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