May 06

RPM² Footbeds: Durable, Long Lasting, and Valuable

Did you know that our revolutionary footbeds are tested to last up to 2 million strikes? It’s true. You could actuallyrpm2 footbed app dash run a marathon per week in our footbeds and they would last about a year. With our recent price reduction and increased interest in our products, our team has decided to answer some frequently asked questions about RPM² devices. In addition to our products’ ability to help athletes monitor bilateral symmetry and conduct gait analysis, our loyal customers are happy to learn just how durable and long lasting our footbeds are. Following is some helpful information about the recommended use of RPM² and a few interesting facts.

Your RPM² Footbeds are Designed to Last for 2-3 Years

If you follow our recommended use guidelines, your inserts will last for about two to three years. We recommend that our orthotics are worn about two to three times per week to gather optimal data. However, some of our customers use their footbeds once a week and still enjoy great results.

Each RPM² footbed is made from a special compound of rubber and polymer so that our products can withstand the rigors of regular use.

Understanding the Value of RPM²

While durability certainly increases the value of any product, there are more factors to consider when evaluating RPM². When you consider the fact that the RPM² cycling system comes with a built-in power meter, a product that normally ranges from $2,000-$4000, it is easy to see the value of our devices. Furthermore, the fact that our products can effectively analyze gait and measure bilateral equivalence periodically with an easy-to-use app adds incredible value to our orthotics.

Our team is here to help athletes perform better, faster, and stronger. Check out our online store for convenient shopping. Feel free to follow us onTwitter and Facebook, too!

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