Jun 23

Have you heard about the RPM² Rewards Program?

rpm2 footbed app dashOur team at RPM² is committed to delivering high-quality products that can help enhance athletic performance. We thrive on developing long-term relationships with our valued customers. When you purchase an RPM² system, we know that you will be using our products multiple times a week for years to come. Since our devices are designed for long-term use, we realize that once a footbed is purchased, a recurring relationship with our company is established. In fact, when you purchase our performance monitoring systems, you become a part of the RPM² family. Because we value our clients and customers so deeply, we offer a rewards program that provides opportunities for free items and discounts on future purchases.

Our Rewards Program

Whether you purchase the original RPM² system or the triathlete or cycling systems, you are automatically enrolled into our rewards program. Every product purchased—whether it is our official apparel or our devices is worth a determined amount of points that can be accumulated and applied toward discounts on new purchases. Following are the current point values for our most popular products:

RPM² Triathlete – 700 points earned
•RPM² Cycling – 600 points earned
•RPM² – 500 points earned
Full Color T-Shirt, or Carrying Case – 100 points earned
Logo T-shirt – 50 points earned
Charging Mat, RPM² Everyday Insert, Triathlete Upgrade – 20 points earned

Secure Shopping for Your Convenience

Purchasing products from our online store is not only convenient but also secure. Simply create an account, chose the product(s) you want, and pay online with a debit or credit card. When you need to purchase accessories or new products, your secure account with your order history will remain active upon logging in to make your shopping experience that much easier.

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